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WTCA Prime Office Index Latam June 2023

LATIN TRADE and the WORLD TRADE CENTERS ASSOCIATION have unveiled their latest report, offering an exclusive snapshot of the current state and future prospects for office leasing and sales in the region. This in-depth document, drawn from the sixth edition of their biannual expert survey, is organized into four key sections: leasing’s present status, sales’ current landscape, leasing’s outlook for the next six months, and the anticipated sales trajectory over the same period.

Central to this report is the WTCA PRIME OFFICE INDEX, meticulously calculated since 2020, providing a vivid portrayal of Latin America’s premium office market. Watch as the graph traces a consistent upward trajectory from one semester to the next, mirroring the market’s resilience and post-pandemic recovery. Despite negative results in December 2020 and June 2021, the index surged to an impressive 20.1 in early 2023, defying experts’ predictions from the previous December. With various explanations offered by consulted experts, one thing remains clear: a steady and remarkable recovery in activity is underway. The index for the first half of 2023 stands at 17.6, marking the best performance since measurement began—an achievement worth celebrating.

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