Windows clipboard is now AI-powered

Imagine if your clipboard could harness the power of AI. It’s not fiction anymore – Windows already has the new PowerToys Advanced Paste update, which makes this kind of functionality real.

This novelty, though, comes with a small fee. But it can automatically convert text and add data from ChatGPT

Microsoft has introduced an Advanced Paste feature in PowerToys for Windows 11, allowing users to convert clipboard content on the fly using AI. This feature enhances productivity by enabling tasks like copying code in one language and pasting it in another, although its more advanced capabilities require OpenAI API credits.

Included in PowerToys version 0.81, Advanced Paste can be activated with a specific key command: Windows Key + Shift + V. This opens an Advanced Paste text window, offering paste conversion options such as plaintext, markdown, and JSON.

pt advanced paste Windows clipboard is now AI-powered

By enabling Paste with AI in the Advanced Paste settings, users can access an OpenAI prompt to specify the desired conversion. This can range from summarizing text and translating to generating code, rewriting text from casual to professional style, or even using Yoda syntax—essentially, any transformation you can imagine.

However, to use this feature, there are some prerequisites. Users need to add an OpenAI API key in PowerToys and must purchase credits for their OpenAI account if they don’t already have them. It’s important to note that API credits are distinct from a paid ChatGPT account.

Written by Alius Noreika

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