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‘We Will Continue to Pray for His Freedom’: Awawdeh’s Former Prison Comrade Speaks to The Palestine Chronicle

Palestinian prisoner Khalil Awawdeh. (Photo collage: Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff

Palestinian prisoner Khalil Awawdeh has been in administrative detention since December 27 of last year and is currently on his 178th day of hunger strike.

Awawdeh’s lawyer and Palestinian prisoners’ advocacy groups have warned that he is at risk of sudden death due to a critical deterioration in his health and a great loss of weight.

The Palestine Chronicle spoke to freed Palestinian prisoner Mohammed al-Deirawi, Awawdeh’s former prison comrade.

“Khalil Awawdeh is a brother and a dear friend,” al-Deirawi told us.

“We have shared prison cells together during his previous imprisonment. He is a true hero for Palestine, extremely kind and gentle as a human being.” 

“He is very quick to stand up against injustice of any kind and very fierce when he fights for his freedom and his dignity. He would repeatedly do so, even if his moral stance would cost him his life,” Al Deirawi continued. 

“But you could only see this if you are close to him. Prison brought us close together and through that harrowing experience, I saw him as a human being, as a Palestinian filled with pride and bravery. We will continue to pray for his freedom and the freedom of all brave Palestinians”.

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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