We caught a ‘whiff’ of it: Murray says Twitter Files ‘chimes in’ with lockdown intuitions

Author Douglas Murray says revelations from the Twitter files about how governments colluded with social media during COVID-19 lockdowns “chimes in” with something people “vaguely intuited at the time”.

“There was something so strange about the way governments around the world all would say the same thing in lock-step – portions of media were all expected to say the same thing,” Mr Murray told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“Some of us whiffed at the time, there was something off about this.

“There was a concerted effort at a government level, colluding with others including social media to basically dampen down voices that were sceptical of government policy.

“I think it is quite extraordinary – there is more to come in this.

“The voices they were dampening down and getting off social media included scientists from Oxford University … these were serious figures.”

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