Trevor Noah on what he missed the most during the pandemic: ‘Eating food in South Africa’

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah

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  • Trevor Noah shared more about what handing over to his replacement on The Daily Show might entail.
  • He also shared what he looks forward to most after he leaves the hosting gig.
  • In a separate clip, Noah also subtly confirmed he is not dating Dua Lipa and that she is not the reason he is leaving The Daily Show.

Trevor Noah is sharing more insight after announcing his exit from The Daily Show last week.

In an Between the Scenes video shared on the talk show’s social media, Noah answered questions from the live audience, including what the process of handing over to his replacement might entail and what he looks forward to most after he leaves the show.

“Anytime where there’s a transition in a show, there’s a huge process, and I am aware of that,” Noah said of handing the reigns over to someone new.

The South African comedian added that navigating everything following his announcement is one of the reasons he didn’t keep his decision under wraps for long.

“That is why I am telling you I am going to leave so that it’s not like an Irish goodbye,” Noah joked before explaining, “It would be weird if I was just like on a Thursday, ‘Bye everybody’, and then Monday comes, and it’s just like, ‘Where’s Trevor?’ and you just see me on Instagram sipping something on the beach.”

Noah also revealed what he has missed out on during his seven-year run – which he says he felt most, like everyone, during the pandemic – and what he looks forward to doing when he leaves the show.

“The thing I missed most, and it happened most in the pandemic, and I know I’m not alone in this. I missed people. I missed two years of people’s lives. I missed two years of eating food in South Africa. I missed two years of travelling with my family and friends.”

Noah acknowledged that if anything, he lost time, “not to The Daily Show but to what happened in the world”. He is now looking forward to doing things he used to love before the pandemic.

“I’m looking forward to living a little more, expressing a little more, growing a little more, and trying new things.”


In a second clip shared on The Daily Show’s Instagram, Noah subtly confirms that he is, firstly, not leaving the show because of his date with Dua Lipa and, secondly, not actually dating the singer.

The Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. points out that the last time he spoke to Noah, the comedian decided he was leaving the show and scolded him for using his name during the announcement.

“Why you bring my name into it when you quit … now everybody on my Twitter yelling at me thinking it’s my fault that you decided to leave the show,” Wood Jnr said before pointing out that Noah announced his exit after having dinner with “Dua Lupita”.

“The truth of the matter, you was out the night before with Dua Lupita, and you was out in them streets with that singing girl [sic].”

Noah quickly responded, trying to defuse the situation, saying, “Roy, that is not how it happened. Please do not believe anything you read in the tabloids, Roy. It’s not true.”


Noah and Lipa sparked romance rumours after they were photographed hugging and sharing a kiss on the cheek in New York City.

Shortly after, a source confirmed to People that the pair were “just friends”.

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