Tories tout Liz Truss as possible replacement for Rishi Sunak, after early cracks emerge

Little-known Conservative MP Liz Truss has been put forward as a potential candidate to replace Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, after doubts began to emerge about the Sunak government.

Many within the party are concerned at Sunak’s performance and say it’s time for a fresh start. “He’s been in the role for hours now, he’s had more than enough time to prove himself, and yet he hasn’t managed to make a difference. It’s well past time to act,” one MP said.

Others concede his first few minutes in the role were promising, but say the second and third hours were less than convincing. “I think he’s missed his opportunity to unite Britain. It’s too late now, people have already lost confidence”.

Supporters say Truss has relevant experience, apparently having served as British Prime Minister in the past. “She’s got the perfect CV for the job. What the party, and what the country needs now is stability. And I think someone like Truss can offer that”.

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