The startups of the TOP100 Growth Program 2024 [Updated]

TOP100 startups

Launched in 2012, TOP100 began as an initiative aimed at identifying the most promising startups in the region, solely focused on securing funding and investment opportunities. Over the years, we witnessed remarkable growth stories like Gojek, Carousell, Carro,, and numerous others, nurtured through our program. Now, as the Southeast Asian ecosystem matures and welcomes a new generation of startups, the TOP100 program has adapted to address their evolving needs.

TOP100 is a curated startup growth program that gives Southeast Asia startups regional visibility, funding opportunities, mentorship, and access to business matching programs. Selected from a pool of impressive applicants, these startups are poised to reshape industries and leave a lasting mark on the Southeast Asian startup landscape.

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Get ready for a glimpse into the future of innovation in the region. Meet the startups participating in the TOP100 Growth Program.

Addlly AI (Singapore)

Addlly AI is a platform of marketing workflow tools, leveraging Gen AI for end-to-end content creation without prompt engineering. They merge multiple AI technologies and LLMs (OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, Stable Diffusion) with human editorial expertise, to create more targeted marketing content.

AIPath (Singapore)

AIPath is an AI-CoPilot SaaS for small teams that offers a reliable process for refining startups against market response, automating marketing assets, and achieving product-market fit., the first SaaS tool for founders, develops fundraising assets and deepens product strategy, ensuring a top-tier accelerator graduation or successful independent fundraising with enterprise-grade venture building.

Alto Tech (Thailand)

AltoTech has developed the AIoT platform to help hotels, buildings, and factories effectively consume energy and cut carbon emission with IoT and AI algorithms. Their mission is to foster global growth and create a more sustainable world. By seamlessly integrating software with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, they enable the optimisation of energy consumption, reduction of emissions, and acceleration of the net-zero economy.

ArmourZero (Singapore)

ArmourZero simplifies cybersecurity, integrating services for seamless risk management and enhanced productivity. Through SECaaS, ArmourZero offers certified professionals, cutting-edge tech, and streamlined processes on a subscription model. Committed to hassle-free automation, they empower businesses to navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Britana (Philippines)

Britana is a SAAS company building enterprise-grade business applications for small and medium businesses. They help businesses scale and achieve their full growth potential by providing them with an all-in-one business management solution to digitise their company’s end-to-end operations.

Carbon GPT (Malaysia)

CarbonGPT is an AI-powered software-as-a-service platform designed to help organisations manage their carbon emissions and sustainability efforts effectively. They offer a wide range of features, including dashboard visualization, scenario and forecasting, science-based targets, and intelligent recommendations for improved sustainability performance.

carching (Malaysia)

carching is a mobility startup that helps car owners to unlock more value from every kilometre they drive, primarily through advertisement and branding. They help their users generate up to $100 per month and aim to solve other major pain points they face along the way. 

Careera (Singapore)

Careera is reshaping job search and recruitment. Their innovative approach eliminates traditional job applications, offering a cutting-edge assessment tool for job seekers to authentically showcase skills. For hiring companies, Careera goes beyond a job board, providing an end-to-end solution to streamline recruitment. With a mission to enhance the hiring experience, Careera pioneers a future where job matching is efficient and tailored for everyone.

dentall (Taiwan)

dentall is a Taiwan-based dental platform that is reshaping the local dental landscape. Offering dental supplies purchasing, courses, clinic management consulting, and dentallHiS cloud-based clinic management system, it aims to meet dentists’ specific needs. As of 2022, dentall has achieved 8,000 dentists and 1,700 clinics joining as platform members and customers.

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EDGE Tutor (Philippines)

EDGE Tutor disrupts global education, providing high-dosage tutoring at 30-60% less cost. Empowering licensed teachers in emerging markets, their hybrid system boosts income and quality of life. With a technology-integrated approach, they collaborate globally, prioritizing established solutions for joyful learning experiences.

Enjinstarter (Singapore)

Enjinstarter is a Web 3 launchpad specialising in gaming, entertainment, AI, and metaverse ventures. With a track record of 80+ investments in 2 years, they fund projects and facilitate capital raising through Tokens and NFTs.

FINA (Laos)

FINA is Laos’s pioneering digital bank that targets the 70% unbanked population. Focussed on digital service adoption, it aims to broaden access via strategic partnerships and digital infrastructure development. Prioritizing SMEs, youth, women-led businesses, and ethnic minorities, FINA aspires to impact millions of Laotians.

Finiac (Singapore)

Finiac introduces a portable life-saving head scanner for early diagnosis, ushering in a new era of brain imaging with accurate and prompt insights that pave the way for timely medical interventions. Tailored for ambulances, family clinics, nursing homes, and home care, this non-invasive, non-ionizing device ensures safety for pregnant women, kids, and infants.

Friz (Singapore)

Friz serves as an AI Social Media Manager for direct-to-consumer brands. It streamlines social media tasks, saving users half their management time and leading to a 20% reduction in advertising costs without compromising performance. Friz employs intelligent targeting strategies, organically growing the audience by 15%, and contributing to business growth.

HeyRoomie (Philippines)

Hey Roomie is the mobile app for vibrant communities that consolidates all activities in one accessible space. Ideal for fan clubs, hobbyists, school orgs, and online groups, it simplifies official announcements, event planning, lifestyle sharing, and secure communication. Launched in July 2022, Hey Roomie already hosts top Philippine fan clubs like Popsters, DonBelle Official, BTS Noona, SwiftiesPH, and FanbAces in their own passcode-protected virtual HQ for a secure and thriving community.

Insectta (Singapore)

Insectta is an insect farming entity. As the first urban insect farm in Singapore rearing the Black Soldier Fly, their goal is to make South East Asia’s farming practices more sustainable by creating a circular economy system, harnessing the power of insects and micro-organisms.

K-Link Cloud (Singapore)

K-link Cloud is a B2B SaaS for contact centre teams streamlining customer service with an omnichannel cloud platform. It simplifies operations, enabling global brands to launch call centres seamlessly. Serving Southeast Asian markets, it’s cost-effective, efficient, and hassle-free.

Kucing (Singapore)

Kucing is Singapore’s groundbreaking no-agent platform, revolutionising property transactions. With advanced digital tools, Kucing makes real estate transactions fast, secure, and commission-free, redefining how homeowners and seekers connect, converse, and conclude deals for the future of property dealing.

Legback (Vietnam)

Legback is the First AI Legal Assistant in Vietnam. They accelerate legal research, document review, and streamline compliance with laws and internal policies in minute, and empowering legal and non-legal teams with Business Intelligence (BI) to make data-driven decisions, enhancing collaboration and communication through shared insights and actionable intelligence.

Lunchbox (Singapore)

Lunchbox is a smart, personalised digital solution for restaurants – designed to run entire restaurant operations from a single screen. From managing inventory, payments, and table seating to staff schedules, Lunchbox simplifies tedious tasks as well as create streamlined ordering and payment processing experiences for guests.

MakeTimePay (Malaysia)

MakeTimePay aims to play a crucial role in empowering individuals across Malaysia and the region to secure employment, increase earnings, and contribute to national economic recovery. By embedding sustainability measures, it assists businesses in mitigating financial losses caused by the pandemic. The vision is to create an ideal online platform fostering a shift in talent and employer mindset towards on-demand, fractionalised tasks.

Mascon Technologies (Singapore)

Mascon Technologies drives swift digital adoption at sea, fostering a smart maritime industry. Their platform allows seamless onboard collaboration, enabling third-party app deployment without managerial hassle. With default features to digitise daily workflows, Mascon aims to pioneer digitalisation, transparency, and management in merchant ships.

Match.Asia (Singapore) is an M&A marketplace that connects sellers with over 1,000 buyers. Positioned as the region’s top company matching platform, simplifies M&A for businesses of all sizes, leveraging 30 years of expertise and technology.

Max ( (Singapore)

Max is a dynamic financial technology company that offers a cutting-edge solution to managing credit card rewards. Their mission is to simplify and optimize credit card usage, ensuring users gain maximum benefits from their transactions. With products like the Max Card that seamlessly integrates all your cards and automatically routes all your transactions to the best card to use for any transactions, Mex ensures a hassle-free approach to managing credit card rewards.

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Medcheck (Philippines)

MedCheck specialises in Real World Data for clinical research in emerging markets.
By accelerating the exchange of clinical data, they seek to unify the theory and practice of precision medicine. Their technology aggregates key insights on clinical data to guide decision-making for both public and private healthcare industries.

MFast (Vietnam)

MFast is an all-in-one financial marketplace offering swift and dependable services through an expansive agent network. MFast is present in all of Vietnam’s 63 cities, providing advanced technology and logistical infrastructure and training to empower 160,0000 active agents. Through MFast, these agents acquire a deep understanding of financial services and are provided with a full-fledged agent app to earn supplementary income.

MYLO (Philippines)

MYLO Speech Buddy is an innovative Speech Development System designed to support children with speech delays, particularly those on the autism spectrum. They collaborate closely with Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and medical professionals who prioritise the unique needs of children within the autism spectrum, employing the Video Modeling Method, a highly effective approach that supports learners in expanding their vocabulary, comprehending instructions, and enhancing their expressive abilities.

NirogStreet (Singapore)

NirogStreet is a B2B trust-based platform for streamlining the supply chain for Ayurvedic medicine, transforming it into a proper healthcare system by engaging, empowering and aggregating fragmented Ayurveda doctors and clinics. Offering certifications, inventory tools, and quality medicines, NirogStreet builds patient trust in Ayurveda.

NonPublic (Singapore)

NonPublic is launching an upcoming platform focussed on unlocking curated access to venture-backed startups, late-stage secondaries, and fund products.

Pawnec (Philippines)

Pawnec is a pet tech innovator that empowers the pet lovers’ community with smart ID collars and a rescue platform. Born from a pet accessories company, Pawnec blends fur-focused care with cutting-edge tech. As pet parents first, and technologists second, Pawnec’s inclusive technology creates safe havens for pets worldwide, fostering a global community of pet lovers.

Paymongo (Philippines)

PayMongo is a payment solution that allows businesses to accept all types of online payments. Their objective is to become the invisible commerce engine that allows everyone to join and flourish in the quickly changing digital economy, helping forward-thinking businesses scale faster and more efficiently by enabling cashless payments and effortlessly accepting good old-fashioned cash. Cybersecurity (Indonesia) offers a comprehensive cybersecurity suite. From streamlining security operations with automation and integration, community-driven penetration testing, advanced threat detection leveraging AI, and a platform that supports and safeguards ethical hackers, and even an educational platform offering simulations and training for cybersecurity awareness and skills.

Pharmint (Singapore)

Pharmint is a fully integrated B2B pharmaceutical products marketplace They help verified suppliers from across the world get discovered, negotiate prices, and seal the trade terms, while helping buyers by vetting all documentation and holding their payments in escrow until their shipments are delivered and verified.

PriyoShop (Bangladesh)

PriyoShop is a B2B e-commerce marketplace that digitally transforms unorganised retail in Bangladesh. Connecting small-scale retailers directly with manufacturers, its app empowers them to source inventory at competitive rates. Focussed on 5 million retail shops, PriyoShop dominates 97% of the country’s retail sector, with 54K micro-merchants on its platform.

Rewardly (Singapore)

Rewardly turns first-time shoppers into lifelong customers. With LoyaltyOS, CommerceOS, and PaymentOS, it’s your all-in-one solution for building a thriving brand. From solo entrepreneurs to bustling cafes, Rewardly empowers businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive world with personalised loyalty programs and seamless shopping experiences.

Shoppable business (Philippines)

Shoppable business is the pioneering SaaS-enabled B2B marketplace in the Philippines, digitising procurement and building Southeast Asia’s largest supply of branded products. Committed to innovating eCommerce, they prioritise accessibility, convenience, and customer satisfaction, empowering sellers and buyers through their cutting-edge platform and logistics infrastructure.

Smile API (Singapore)

Smile API provides user-authorised access to recent, comprehensive, verified employment data that is accessible in real-time from employment documents, HR and payroll systems, gig economy platforms, and social security systems through a single API.

Smilie (Singapore)

Smilie fosters authentic connections through meaningful corporate gifts. Founded to simplify the gifting process, they blend technology with human thoughtfulness, revolutionizing how businesses connect. Smilie aims to make creating lasting impressions effortless and authentic, one considerate gift at a time.

SocioRAC (India)

SocioRAC created HyLyt, an all-in-one app that helps you save data from anywhere instantly, structure and recall it with ease, and collaborate with teams remotely while protecting your intellectual property.

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Spacely AI (Thailand)

Spacely AI is a quick and easy rendering tool for interior designers. Utilizing AI visualization, it rapidly renders dream spaces, making it a practical solution for modern interior design.

StoreWise (Singapore)

StoreWise is an AI-powered collaboration platform that elevates in-store customer experiences. The AI Retail CoPilot, akin to a virtual assistant, streamlines operations, provides real-time insights and facilitates paperless workflows. StoreWise aims to help businesses enhance productivity, maintain data privacy, and deliver exceptional customer experience.

SurveyCake (Taiwan)

SurveyCake is an enterprise-level cloud survey solution empowering various industries. Their solution has been utilised by over 45,000 enterprises globally across various industries like healthcare, retail, public sector, finance, and retail.

TAPP! Global (Singapore)

TAPP! Global is revolutionising Southeast Asia’s networking with NFC & AI for sustainable, efficient professional connections. Their mission is to harness the power of technology to make networking more accessible, efficient, and sustainable, with innovative solutions like NFC business cards that streamline the exchange of contact information, an AI-powered messaging service for seamless follow-ups, and a comprehensive analytics dashboard for strategic networking insights.

TalentHero (Singapore)

TalentHero is Asia’s fastest-growing Employer of Record (EOR) platform that builds global teams with 840 contractors in the Philippines, expanding to Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. Their all-encompassing Tech Ecosystem streamlines the offshore experience for businesses worldwide by taking care of hiring, payroll, workspace, advertising and more.

The Mango Jelly (India)

The Mango Jelly simplifies Marketing Analytics and Automation with Generative AI. Addressing data challenges, it is a collaborative workspace empowering marketing teams to converse with data effortlessly. Incubated at Berkeley SkyDeck, The Mango Jelly is your copilot for actionable insights, eliminating the need for technical expertise.

Twala (Philippines)

Twala offers integration of code-based agreements via smart contracts for different Web 3 use cases. Replacing inefficient paper-based workflows and processes, Twala allows you to send, sign and manage contracts and documents anywhere, on any device, with multiple levels of signatory verification including an AI-enabled identity verification process.

Wenti Labs (Singapore)

Wenti Labs helps construction teams reduce time on mundane and routine tasks so they can spend more time on crucial tasks and winning deals. Our AI Agents handle tasks like filling out punch lists, responding to technical inquiries, and filling out tender documentation. The agents retrieve information effectively from various data sources and provide quick responses to queries via messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram, provide accurate information for filling out forms and tender documents, and effectively summarise updates and follow-up items, ensuring teams are well prepared on-site.

Xperto (Philippines)

Xperto provides an online event management system featuring online registration, cashless payments, ticketing, seamless check-in, on-demand badge printing, and certification, designed to streamline the planning, execution, and attendee experience for conventions, conferences, and professional gatherings. (Singapore) is a mobile app that combines Western, Indian, and Eastern tools like Astrology, MBTI, I Ching and more to offer immersive matching experiences, vibrant communities, exciting experiences & events, and connections with like-minded groups and communities.

Zoala (Singapore)

Zoala is an AI-empowered application programmed to communicate with adolescents that detects early signs of deterioration in mental wellness —supporting them on their mental health journey and in building resilience..


These startups will take part in the TOP100 Growth Program beginning March 2024, where they get access to various mini events, mentorship, workshops, and the 800+ investors on the e27 PRO Connect platform. 

You will also get the chance to meet and connect with these startups at Echelon X, where they will have their own exhibition booth, as well as have the chance to be selected to showcase their startup on the Pitch Stage. 

Echelon X will be held at Singapore EXPO on May 15-16. Get your tickets here.

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