The Future Potential of Web3 Industry: Insights from BitGet

The potential of Bitcoin in the future really depends on the market, because right now the market is warming back up. We can say that Bitcoin has already broken the 24-hour crisis but is dropping down to start back. Let’s see if Bitcoin goes up and breaks at 27k. If it does, the market will be strong because Bitcoin is going up to new resistance, which should be around 30k. So, this is what I’m expecting.

For the Bull market, I have to say we need to be patient because people are not prepared for investing, especially after the last two and a half years. In 2021 and 2022, the inflation rate in the UK was at a 20-year high. That means people prefer to use their money to hold onto their assets, so the trading value has been reduced. That means the market could be cold. So, what we need to do is wait for the market to get into the buy zone for the whole market to get back. If the macro trends still do not call the market, no matter how much effort we put into it, the market is nothing. You know what I mean!

Do you think that regulation can slow down the work of the whole industry?

Yes, I think that stronger regulations will come out to slow down this market, because people are scared of crypto scams. This is the reason why the UK FCA is very strict. For example, in TFL (Transport for London), crypto exchanges are not allowed to post advertisements on the London Tube. This shows that the government regulation will more clearly show all of those things.

In relation to this question, do you think that London can become the global crypto hub in the future?

Yeah, it will! I mean, it will depend on how the regulation is going.

Can you tell me something about your use case in your exchange? Do you explore any NFTs or DeFi projects?


Sure, we are focused on the metaverse and we have a launchpad to list those kinds of new projects and the new clients on that. It makes people know better about those kinds of projects. We want to give transparent information and reliable sources to our users and customers.

Do you think that real estate tokenization can be the next trend in the next bull market?

It’s really hard to say, I’m not a doubt predictor. Every analysis depends on the research about that information.

In which country do you operate?

We are from Singapore, Singapore and Cayman, but we operate globally. We have staff from all around the world. We all have a remote working style.

I can see Lionel Messi in your advertisement?

We just entered into a partnership with Lionel Messi, which started in October 2022. This is amazing! Lionel Messi may even come to our next conference.

This is a very good strategy because everyone loves Lionel Messi. Amazing work BitGet!

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