The Beginner’s Guide to CBD and Your Libido

You’ve probably heard a lot about CBD and cannabis legalization and wondered what the hype is about. Maybe you’re eager to join the movement, or you’re already a happy user looking for a connection between CBD and your libido.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Problems with sexual drive are common. Medications are often a band-aid solution. Usually, having a good sex drive comes down to a healthy lifestyle.

Still, some people find help through natural remedies, and if you’re wondering whether CBD could be of benefit in this area, keep reading.

What is CBD Anyway?

Cannabidiol is a chemical substance found in the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant is rich in varieties of chemical substances. The most common ones are cannabinoids and terpenes.

Cannabinoids are a class of compounds, and CBD is one of them. While there are many cannabinoids, CBD and another cannabinoid known as THC are the most popular and dominant compounds in the cannabis plant.

A lot makes the two cannabinoids different, but the most obvious factor is that CBD doesn’t get you high while THC does.

How CBD Interacts with Your Body

The human body has a vital system known as the Endocannabinoid system, which regulates metabolism. The ECS is filled with networks of cellular receptors that enable it to interact with natural cannabinoids the body produces.

While CBD is a plant-based cannabinoid, it can still fully interact with the endocannabinoid system. This allows the substance to reach and affect different parts of the body.

Is CBD Legal in the States?

The short answer is that CBD is federally legal.

When you look into it, though, the laws are strict regarding what is considered a legal CBD product. Basically, if CBD is derived from hemp, which was fully legalized, then the substance is legal.

Keep in mind that hemp is a cannabis plant containing no more than 0.3% THC (again, the substance that makes people high).

Therefore, CBD isn’t considered legal if produced from any cannabis plant containing THC levels higher than the stipulated percentage. So, CBD derived from marijuana isn’t legal.

How Does CBD Affect Your Libido?

Considering the ECS receptors are also present in the brain and sexual reproductive organs, researchers believe this makes it possible for CBD to affect your libido.

How exactly cannabinoids affect your libido is debated. Some say the compounds reduce sex drive, while others maintain that they provide a boost.

Some researchers have found that the use of cannabis, in general, lowers sex drive in males, which gets worse with continued use. All things considered, though, cannabis has more than CBD in it.

It’s worth keeping in mind that researchers are yet to find a direct connection between CBD and libido.

However, several studies have found that CBD and other cannabinoids may indirectly affect your sex drive. For instance, CBD may be used to reduce anxiety, a cause of some people’s low sexual performance.

Sexual Benefits of CBD

Regardless of the various reports, you probably just want to know what studies say about CBD’s benefits on your sex drive. Here’s how CBD and other cannabinoids like THC are being used to boost sexual performance:

Cannabis and Sex Drive

Some researchers have theorized that cannabis may have a direct effect on sexual desire by activating the parts of the brain that control sexual arousal. According to the study, controlled use of cannabis may help people with a low sex drive.

Erectile Dysfunction

If you didn’t know, Ayurveda practitioners have been using Cannabis Sativa for years to treat issues with sexual performance like premature ejaculation.

CBD aids with muscle relaxation, dilating blood vessels and promoting blood flow. The theory is that cannabinoids aid blood flow throughout the body, including the penis.

Lack of Lubrication

Many women struggle with the lack of lubrication, which makes sex painful. While there are many lubes on the market that help, CBD may offer better results due to its role in pain and inflammation.

Some CBD makers are already making CBD lubes in the hopes of providing more than just easing penetration.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, CBD has many therapeutic effects, a lot of which are yet to be discovered. There may not be much evidence that the compound can directly improve your libido. But reports of indirect connection and user testimonies are hard to ignore.

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