Supporting John Rides for Hospice, Cyrusher Gives Back to the Society With Love

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On September 6th, Cyrusher, a professional fat tire electric bike manufacturer, hosted a dinner at the Steadings Business centre to support a charity fundraiser that has recently been in full swing in the UK.

This fundraiser ride route is Land’s End to John o’Groats (LEJOG), an iconic ride that is a great way to see the UK and is done by thousands every year challenge.

Activity background

The fundraiser, which primarily raises funds for hospice care, is a meaningful ride for many people. The main fundraising event of the exhibition was initiated by the Roller Skating Rotary Club President John, who decided to spend about 28 days completing the cycling route. Cycling over 1,000 miles from the South of England for this fundraiser.

This twisty and long cycling road usually takes a rider several days, or even more time if it is on foot. If you choose to ride, the most suitable for riding is the mountain electric bicycle. Its powerful motor can greatly improve riding efficiency. In addition, it has outstanding expressiveness for some rough and difficult roads in the road section. The special fat tires for mountain bikes have excellent ability to handle complex roads. It can help you to overcome a variety of complex surfaces such as mountains, mud, sand, etc, which is very suitable for this riding road loaded with the full British scenery.

Activity flow

In support of the charity fundraiser, Cyrusher hosted a dinner at the local marketing center where dozens of guests were invited. The Cyrusher UK team fully supports this charity fundraiser. and contributed to this fundraising effort. The guests at the dinner were also moved and motivated, raising hundreds of pounds for donations. All donations will go straight to helping the hospice to be there when it really matters for families.

In addition to fundraising for this cycling event, Cyrusher, as a professional electric bicycle manufacturer, exhibited a series of electric bicycles on sale at the exhibition to provide inspiration for cycling activities.

Everyone had a test ride on Cyrusher’s vehicles after dinner, which were enjoyed by all as a leisure activity. The Kommoda was particularly popular with the elderly and ladies due to its step-through frame structure; the design of this model removes the front crossbar and the height of the bike is very inclusive of the rider, suitable for riders between 155-190cm in height and friendly to some physically challenged riders. And the XF900 is popular for its high efficiency. The XF900 is the most powerful model of all Cyruhser models currently on sale, and it can help you with many challenging rides. And the XF800 rides smoothly, just like the riding experience of an ordinary bicycle. If you know how to ride a bike, then the XF800 is sure to be good to handle.

If you are also interested in this cycling route and want to know the suitability of Cyrusher electric bicycles and cycling routes, you can learn more about Cyrusher’s two mountain electric bike parameters and get your tools ready for the ride.

Best Mountain Eikes suitable for riding: Cyrusher XF800&XF900

XF800 is an entry-level mountain bike. It is equipped with front and rear suspension and large-size fat tires, which are well prepared for overcoming complex roads. In addition, for complex roads with different terrains, the XF800’s Shimano seven-speed adjustment and pedal assist mode can help you flexibly adjust the speed to suit different road requirements. A high-performance motor can help you achieve high-power riding speeds. This model is very easy to use for people who are accustomed to cycling, but the riding comfort and riding efficiency are greatly improved compared to traditional bicycles.

The XF900 is currently the best-performing mountain bike in the Cyrusher category, and its cool motorcycle design is eye-catching design for many people. When it comes to performance, for the necessary suspension function of mountain ebikes, it is equipped with a front and rear suspension system, which can better help the rider ease the bumps encountered on the road. Cycling tires are puncture-resistant fat tires, which can adapt to most complex road surfaces. Whether you encounter dirt roads, mountain roads, and street roads during riding, they can help you drive smoothly. At the same time, it is also equipped with a Shimano shifting system, which can provide up to 21-speed shifting modes, providing you with more riding mode choices. In terms of riding distance, the XF900 provides 48V 17Ah battery content, which can support you to ride longer distances. If you are in pedal assist mode, you can ride farther.

This cycling road runs through the north and south of the UK, bringing together natural scenery from all over the UK, attracting many riders to challenge themselves, or to appreciate the natural scenery, or to devote themselves to public welfare like John. Due to the total length of more than 1,000 miles and the complex terrain, the traditional challenge is to walk, but recently electric bicycle riding has become very popular, and most of them take about 10 days. The end-to-end straight-line distance of the route is 874 miles (1,407 km), and the specific driving distance will vary for different driving routes, so there is no specific total length data. This is a cycling route that includes most of the British scenery along the way, but it is also dangerous. Therefore, the choice of riding tools is also very important. If you are looking for a more comfortable and efficient riding experience, electric mountain bicycles will be a good choice.

This challenging and charming riding road is very suitable for riding challenges, but pay attention to be fully prepared for riding before riding, including riding routes, physical fitness assessment, etc.

About Cyrusher

This warm and considerate electric bicycle company was established in Shenzhen in 2014, opening up new life possibilities for many riders. With the combination of Cycling and rusher, Cyrusher is committed to bringing better quality electric bicycles to riders all over the world, driving itself to become a pioneer in the electric bicycle manufacturing industry.

During the eight years, Cyrusher has continuously developed cost-effective electric bicycles with the purpose of serving customers, always taking customer satisfaction as the product benchmark, and independently designed a variety of electric bicycles to meet different customer groups. In order to ensure that more riders can experience Cyrusher’s electric bicycles, Cyrusher has set up offline stores in many countries, and multiple domain name sites, and has sold its products to more than 10 regions around the world, winning the love of over 60,000 riders. On the official website, the riders spontaneously uploaded a lot of physical pictures, expressing their love for the Cyrusher. From the comments on the pictures in different regions, it can be found that Cyrusher has helped many riders to start happy riding and also helped some riders with mobility limitations, and riders of different body types to start a new riding life and make their lives more colorful.

About Charity

Many people do not have the opportunity to enjoy better accommodation at the end of their life, or do not have the financial means to relieve their illness. In order to better help the dying patients in their final days, and to let more people leave with love and warmth before death, Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice (Rotary Club of Newent & District ) appealed to the attention of all sectors of society and sought donations.

John, a retired Chartered Surveyor, and president of Newent and District Rotary Club, was touched by the care his former chairman’s daughter-in-law received at this charity and decided to do the ride to raise funds for the patient to help them be able to leave with love and warmth. He is 69 years old and is a father of four and grandfather of four. John plans to complete his challenge in around 28 days, which will take longer than other riders because he will be spreading the word about Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court hospice in 11 Rotary districts along his cycle route, with a target of £5,000 to be raised on the ride. All the money raised along the way will go to help the hospice.

To date, he has completed over 1,000 miles of cycling and raised thousands of pounds for the organization. At present, the fundraising page of the website has raised more than £4,000, far exceeding the original fundraising amount of £3,000 on the website, raising much goodwill for the hospice.

Therefore, this fundraising event is of great significance. Cyrusher supports and encourages such charity rides, which can provide caring services for more patient and bring love and care to them.

On this charming and challenging cycling road, there will be more charity ride to bring warmth to those who are temporarily in the dark. Cyrusher encourages cycling, encourages cycling for your own health, encourages cycling for public welfare, encourages cycling for the sustainable development of the world, and encourages cycling for love and warmth.

If you are interested in Cyrusher specialized electric bikes, you can purchase and find more information about Cyrusher at the following link.

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Cyrusher stores in the United Kingdom will allow enthusiasts and future bike owners, to best experience the awesome lifestyle that Cyrusher bikes can bring to you. Before visiting, pay attention to visiting during working hours to avoid a wasteful trip.

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