Stargirl’s Dr. Mid-Nite Is the Justice Society’s Most Valuable Player

Over the course of the series, Stargirl has introduced several heroes — young and old — into its version of the Justice Society of America. Beyond Courtney Whitmore herself, these other heroes have proven themselves as vital parts of the team. Now, with the show soon coming to an end, it’s obvious that one JSA member in particular stands out above the rest.

Beth Chapel might seem like a bit of a chatterbox, but her interest in superheroics, her goggles as Dr. Mid-Nite and her friendly nature make her Courtney’s best ally. She may not have the flashiest powers or be the best in a fight, but her additions to the team have been vital throughout the series. Here’s why Beth is the MVP of Stargirl‘s Justice Society.

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Dr. Mid-Nite Provides Vital Intel for Stargirl’s Justice Society


Beth Chapel’s Dr. Mid-Nite persona is a lot less physical than Yolanda Montez/Wildcat and the easily angered Rick Tyer/Hourman. However, that doesn’t keep her from providing help to her team with info that others don’t have. Her Dr. Mid-Nite goggles provide intel on practically everything, be it background on enemies or the heroes’ own predecessors. Her relationship with “Chuck” (Charles McNider, the original Dr. Mid-Nite) also brings her up to speed on JSA history, making her the most knowledgeable on the subject of anyone, including Pat Dugan.

These goggles’ knowledge has also been instrumental in providing key plot details, such as when they showcased what really happened to Rick Tyler’s parents. This completely changed Rick’s idea about himself and helped convince him to join Stargirl’s new JSA. The goggles are also part of the plan used to stop The Shade’s plans and rescue Courtney from the Shadowlands. Given that the clues the team follows are usually first found and explained by Dr. Mid-Nite, it’s obvious that the team couldn’t get too far without her.

After finally gaining the upgraded “combat” mode of her costume and goggles , Dr. Mid-Nite would become much better in a fight. The mode warned her of incoming attacks and told her which actions to take in order to counterattack, allowing her to shrug off basically anything that comes her way. This level of strategy isn’t the only thing she provides to Courtney and the JSA, however, as her unflappable personality is probably her best trait.

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Beth Chapel is the Best Friend Among Stargirl’s JSA

When compared to Rick, Yolanda and Cindy Burman, Beth Chapel is a relatively well-adjusted, angst-free teenager. She’s incredibly friendly and nice to Courtney, even before becoming a part of the JSA, making her joining the team go down fairly smoothly. In fact, she essentially invites herself onto the team, making her recruitment far less difficult than what Courtney had to do with Wildcat and Hourman. Her lack of emotional outbursts also allows her to counter the anger of her friends, making her a voice of reason who can typically talk things through logically. This has seen her actually keep the temperamental Rick from flying off the handle, something that most of the others could never do.

Likewise, she’s the one who’s most ready to try out plans that save her friends, no matter how ludicrous they may seem at first. This helps to make the Justice Society on Stargirl feel like a real family. Beth’s sense of optimism and belief in heroics helps to push the team forward, especially when Courtney herself is down in the dumps. She never doubts her friends or looks down on them, and is incredibly respectful of adults. Thus, she’s something of an anti-teenager, with her extreme intelligence being matched by a fierce kindness that allows her to be there for everyone, be they her parents in search of their lunches or the other members of the Justice Society of America.

Stargirl’s series finale airs Wednesday, Dec. 7, on The CW.

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