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Spotlight On The Next Future Martech Leader

Kumar is responsible for formulating and executing end-to-end digital marketing activities, managing marketing automation and CRM marketing efforts, overseeing digital transformation projects in the martech domain, and leading the Marketing Intelligence Unit. This unit is tasked with conducting business and marketing data analytics to facilitate informed decision-making by the management team.

In the aftermath of COVID-19, the airline industry faced a dual challenge: Transforming its operations and enhancing sustainability while also dealing with a surge in customer inquiries. Jazeera Airlines initially relied on traditional call and email channels for customer service, which proved inadequate for the increased volume.

Upon joining the company, Kumar tackled this issue head-on by leveraging his prior experience with the WhatsApp Business API. Within two months, he successfully integrated the platform, enabling the deployment of automated solutions for tasks like flight changes, baggage tracking, and FAQ responses. This relieved customer service agents, allowing them to focus on more complex cases, and led to a 150% improvement in turnaround time. Additionally, the airline’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) increased by approximately 35%.

Additionally, Kumar took the initiative to construct the entire martech stack from the ground up and seamlessly integrated it with Sitecore CDP, MoEngage Marketing Automation Tool, Adjust MMP, and Firebase Console. This strategic effort resulted in a remarkable enhancement of online transactions, with an increase of over 50% (surpassing 150% for mobile applications alone) over the span of two years.

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