South Africa is on autopilot because the pilot is selling ankole – Malema

  • EFF leader Julius Malema said the EFF could not unseat the ANC if it behaved like the ANC.
  • Malema was addressing the EFF’s People’s Assembly in KwaZulu-Natal on Sunday.
  • He said South Africa was on autopilot because Cyril Ramaphosa had vacated his seat to do private business. 

EFF leader Julius Malema said South Africa was on autopilot because the man meant to pilot the country had vacated his seat to do personal business. 

Malema joined a chorus of attack against President Cyril Ramaphosa as the latter is facing various probes related to impropriety linked to the theft of US dollars from his Phala Phala farm. 

“Comrades, the country has collapsed. We are on autopilot. We don’t know where the pilot is. There is a rumour that the pilot is at Phala Phala selling buffalos and ankole. That is why the plane does not have a pilot,” he said. 

Malema was addressing the EFF’s People’s Assembly in KwaZulu-Natal on Sunday. 

“When you are a president of South Africa, by law you cannot do any other business, except be a president of South Africa. Why? Because you are a pilot. You cannot be a pilot and, at the same time and same place, be an air hostess,” he said. 

At the weekend, Ramaphosa came under criticism from his predecessors, Jacob Zuma and Thabo Mbeki, related to impropriety linked to his Phala Phala farm. 

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A panel of independent experts last week began its probe, following a motion by ATM leader Vuyolwethu Zungula for Ramaphosa’s removal on the grounds of “a serious violation of the Constitution or the law and serious misconduct”.

The Phala Phala saga became a burning issue in June after ex-spy boss Arthur Fraser opened a kidnapping and money laundering case against Ramaphosa, head of the Presidential Protection Unit, Major-General Wally Rhoode, and Crime Intelligence members for allegedly concealing a February 2020 burglary at the farm.

According to Fraser’s affidavit, Ramaphosa had at least $4 million in cash stashed in a couch at the game farm, and played a part in covering up the theft, following an allegedly illegal investigation. 

Ramaphosa is also the subject of a probe by the Public Protector in relation to whether he violated the Executive Members Ethics Act. 

Malema said South Africa did not have a full-time president because Ramaphosa was doing business on the side. 

“What type of president do we have in South Africa, who leaves the office to go and sell ankole. Let’s say the money is not stolen, it’s fine, it’s his money. He says he made money from the sale of ankole and buffalo. You have a president who tells you that sometimes I do other things, and you don’t relieve him to go do those things freely,” he said. 

Malema added:

We are looking for a pilot because our pilot is no more. How can a president admit to putting dollars under a mattress and that president spends 24 hours in office after admitting to putting dollars under the mattress.

The EFF leader further chastised his party members for wanting to mimic the ANC. 

“You can’t replace the ANC if you do the same things as the ANC. You can’t replace a tendency with the same tendency,” Malema said. 

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