Sisiku Christmas A. Ebini Breaks Solemn Silence

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Sisiku Christmas A. Ebini is a popular activist from Cameroon. If any person deserves much credit for the internalization of the Anglophone struggle, he is Sisiku Christmas A. Ebini. He came to the United States of America in 1983 to pursue studies in economics. After completing graduate studies (MBA), he decided to return home to contribute his education to the building of his motherland. His unorthodox and firebrand political activities soon landed him into serious trouble with Paul Biya’s neo-colonial and rogue regime. Even after returning to the USA for further studies, Sisiku Christmas A. Ebini has not resisted the urge to criticize the evil of the Paul Biya government. As a community organizer like President Barack Obama, Sisiku Christmas A. Ebini created the Cryer Magazine and ACCDF, All Cameroonian Cultural and Development Foundation, to encourage Cameroonians abroad to network and celebrate the poetry of their cultural identity.

With the outbreak of civil war in Cameroon today, Sisiku Christmas A. Ebini has been unusually and solemnly silent; therefore, The African Nation TV has sought to force Sisiku Christmas A. Ebini to break his silence. What follows is a revealing interview.

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