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Simplr Introduces the EngageNow Suite to Eliminate the Customer Service BPO


Simplr, the platform built to exceed the expectations of the NOW Customer, announced the general availability of the EngageNow Suite.

This solution combines chatbot technology and human agents through an AI-powered platform to deliver higher quality and more agile customer experiences than legacy BPOs.

With their origins in the early days of call centre offshoring in the 1990s, many customer service BPOs have failed to modernise effectively. The industry notoriously struggled to transition workers out of traditional call centre environments during COVID-19, and the rapid shift from phone to digital caused by the pandemic exposed major deficiencies in BPOs’ ability to innovate and equip themselves with requisite technological capabilities. A recent analysis by McKinsey found that only one-quarter of business process outsourcing deals included digital components.

With the launch of the EngageNow Suite, Simplr is positioned to be the technology disruptor to the BPO market, helping to transform CX organisations into highly cost-efficient, revenue-generating programs that consistently exceed customer expectations. By offering both chatbots and human agents within one integrated, AI-enabled platform, Simplr clients can ensure that every customer inquiry is automatically routed to the channel that will most efficiently and effectively resolve the issue at hand and facilitate more excellent customer retention and loyalty. Leveraging advanced intent detection and machine learning, the Simplr platform automatically guides the bot or the human agent to respond to the customer with empathy, accuracy, and precision. Examples include prompts to facilitate better personal rapport or to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities based on the profile of the customer and the context of the interaction.

“Any CX leader who understands the mindset of today’s consumers also understands that the CX status quo–investing in outdated and costly BPO services patched together with chatbots that do little other than leave customers frustrated–is a recipe for disaster,” said Amit Sood, Chief Product Officer at Simplr. “We have introduced the EngageNow Suite to shatter the status quo by taking the best parts of real human support and automation while eliminating the downsides of both.”

“Being able to maintain both speed and quality in customer service interactions is the key to fostering CX programs that turn customers into advocates,” said John Thrailkill, SVP of Customer Experience at Solo Stove. “With their integrated bot and human platform, Simplr has been an incredible partner in helping us consistently delight customers day-in and day-out, even as the brand continues to grow.”

The EngageNow Suite consists of two integrated components: The Simplr Chatbot and Simplr’s Human Cloud Network of customer support specialists. The chatbot learns from human-agent interactions over time, driving up the amount of inquiries which can be resolved via automation and therefore driving down overall costs. Additionally, the platform is self-optimising, leveraging data such as Customer Effort Score, intent and urgency detection, and customer likelihood of purchase to improve routing processes and recommended responses to customers. Additionally, Simplr is a fully managed service, meaning Simplr’s team of conversational UX designers and data scientists build fully customised experiences tailored to meet the needs of each client’s unique set of customers. Without the need to invest in their in-house resources, Simplr clients see an average savings of 42 per cent when compared to what they spend with their current bots/BPOs.

“Understanding which customer interactions are better handled by humans than automation, and vice versa, and then implementing efficient processes based on those insights has been one of the biggest challenges in CX programs over the past few years,” said Hayley Sutherland, Research Manager, Conversational AI & Intelligent Knowledge Discovery at IDC. “Technology solutions that can augment outsourced customer service labour with conversational AI and automation offer a new path forward for CX leaders looking to optimise their customer service and overall CX.”

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