Seasons of Sham Elections Shame

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On November 06, 2018, the citizens of the United States of America participated enthusiastically in mid-term elections dedicated to voting for senators, congresspeople, and governors. It was heartening to observe the growing numbers of Africans voting in their new homeland.

By contrast, we decry the absence of fair and free elections in the motherland. In October 2018, Paul Biya organized another sham election for the benefit of his international handlers. His people are up in arms because they are jaded by his serial election rigging. Will Cameroun break into pieces? Only God knows.

On February 16, 2019, Nigerians will be going to the polls. Will Atiku Abubaker be allowed to rescue and restore his country from collapse, confusion, and insecurity? Will the presidential elections be rigged by Mohamed Buhari? Who knows?

As for Gabon, the abused citizens are waiting anxiously for Ali Bongo, their Mr. Godot. Where in the world is the president? He is missing in action, and his country is running on French auto-pilot.

Ethiopia is the only ray of shimmering sunlight. Thanks for the peace run. Thanks for the launch free entry visas for all Africans.

Please watch: “Ambazonia and Cameroun Mysterious Mafia Murders: Who Killed Martinez Zogo?”



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