Professor Patrice Nganang Speaks Revolution of Ambazonia

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Professor Patrice Nganang is an award-winning literary personality. A professor of comparative literature at Stonybrook University, New York, Dr. Patrice Nganang burst into international consciousness in December 2017, when Jeune Afrique published excerpts from his travel diaries. The consequences were immediate and swift; the rogue regime of Paul Biya decided to kidnap and imprison Professor Patrice Nganang in Cameroon.

In this interview, Professor Patrice Nganang sheds light on the events leading to his kidnapping and imprisonment in La Republique du Cameroun and the whitewashed, sad, hidden, and untold history of the patriotic and martyred founders of Africa’s only bilingual country. His preoccupation with the Anglophone crisis will enthrall you. His answers are also thought-provoking.

Please watch: “Ambazonia and Cameroun Mysterious Mafia Murders: Who Killed Martinez Zogo?”



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