Optus to reimburse hacked customers with windfall from Nigerian prince

After a horror 48 hours in which it suffered a massive data breach, Optus says there is some good news, with the company set to receive several hundred million dollars from the deceased estate of a Nigerian Prince. It will use some of the funds to compensate affected customers.

A spokesperson from the company’s IT department said Optus received news of the Nigerian donation via email last week. “It was actually just a few days before we were hacked, which is a coincidence. So, as bad as the data breach has been, at least we’ll now have funds to compensate those affected.

He said the injection of funds was totally unexpected. “It’s an interesting story actually. The prince is part of the Nigerian royal family, and he’s just come into quite a large inheritance. It turns out he doesn’t have anyone in Nigeria to share the funds with, so he’s decided to donate it to Australia’s second largest telecommunications company, which is great”.

Optus said customers could expect the funds to arrive any day now. “The money was supposed to arrive today, but it looks like there’s been some sort of hold up. I’m sure it’ll be here tomorrow”.

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