NRL facing uphill battle to conquer the US, but claims a thrilling toehold in Las Vegas

The bright lights of Las Vegas have a way of skewing perspective and that’s kind of the point of the entertainment capital of the world.

It’s hard to find the truth there because it’s a place where anything feels possible.

That’s why the NRL’s first trip to America has sent imaginations and cynicism running wild in equal measure. Cutting through the PR spin on one side and the negativity on the other isn’t easy.

But it’s difficult to see the first two matches of what is supposed to be a five-year plan as anything other than a success, at least in the short term.

Interest in the season opener in Australia was as high as it’s ever been and a trip to Vegas to watch the footy is, at the very least, a hell of a good time.

Thousands of fans made the trip over and you can bet your last dollar that many more will make rugby league’s newest pilgrimage next season.

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