Nine’s Block busts last year’s numbers to go out with a 2.3m bang

Here’s a good idea: maybe next year the crew from The Block could help flood-proof some of NSW’s more stricken areas.

(Image: Nine)

With last night’s chaotic auction and its aftermath, The Block ended for another year, and you needed a translator of sorts to make heads or tails of what actually happened. No wonder host Scott Cam was so voluble at times.

The end of this season means Christmas must be around the corner, then the long break and the new year and… a new season of the program? Here’s an idea for the contestants: how about flood-proofing Lismore or Forbes in NSW as a “reasonable” task?

The rural push was worth it in the end for Nine, with The Block’s ratinglifting from last year to average 2.380 million for the winner announced (2.149 million a year ago), with the metro audience averaging 1.692 million for the announcement against 1.555 million in 2021. The lead-up averaged 1.991 million (1.835 million last year) nationally. The regional audience this year 688,000 (594,000 last year). 

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