New & Affordable EMR/EHR For Doctors and Nurse Practitioners

This video is advertising produced by Comcast TV to promote a new, user-friendly, and affordable electronic medical and health records application for doctors and nurse practitioners in private practice in the USA.

What is the value proposition of the AlexiaHTC app? To provide healthcare facilities with an application that is designed for the new era of HIPAA: health insurance portability and accountability act.

Seeing is believing, right? Browse the website of the vendor of the AlexiaHTC application:

Do you need to test drive the application?

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Value Proposition:
Alexiacare Corporation is an expert in healthcare technology. Our marketing and sales assistants position themselves as healthcare consultants, valuable resources medical doctors and nurse practitioners can rely on for honest advice to grow their practices. We are not merely a marketer of medical-office programs; we are consultants. We know technology; we know the healthcare business; we can use our knowledge to help providers save the lives of their patients affordably, quickly, and accurately.

Who are our best competitors?
As you contact healthcare providers, they will be mentioning the names of our popular competitors; they will be trying to compare and contrast our application to the programs listed below:




Main Organic Competitors

By browsing the websites mentioned above, you will know the strengths and weaknesses of our popular competitors.

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digital health
nepean hospital
blockchain in healthcare clinical data

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