Must read: Inside Australian Online Shopping 2023

Inside Australian Online Shopping 2023 was released yesterday by Australia Post. It is a must read report for any retailer.

It is packed with data and insights relevant to all readers, including small business retailers. There is one key data point that should focus the attention though:

How much revenue in your business comes from online?

It is not too late to get into online and be successful. Retail newsagency businesses are, I think, well placed to do this for several reasons:

  • Space.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Skillset.
  • Appetite for growth.

The challenge is where to start, what to sell? While it’s on you to determine this, it is something people can help with.

I urge all newsagents to read the Australia Post report and consider what it could mean for your business.

I have been selling online through my retail newsagency businesses for ten years. I’ve had failures, and successes. Looking out over the horizon I can see plenty of opportunities.

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