Magic Book Exposes Miraculous Millionaire Money Secrets

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Are you happy with your financial situation today? If not, why not change it? Financial independence is your divine right. What can you learn from this book? Like a ABC or 123, you can learn 12 easy steps to building wealth without risks:

Step 1: Pay God first

Step 2: Discover the millionaire’s secret

Step 3: Use insurance as a foundation to wealth building

Step 4: Teach yourself personal finance 101

Step 5: Balance your financial book

Step 6: Computerize and research the Internet

Step 7: Acquire entrepreneurial skills

Step 8: Decode the IRS tax codes

Step 9: Play the stock market game

Step 10: Invest in real estate, mortgages, and title insurance

Step 11: Join the millionaire club

Step 12: Attend the Millionaire iUniversity

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