Love as a diagnosis or “F 63.9”

by  Dobromir Banev

The world is going crazy every day, and it’s no wonder that normal people also think they’re crazy. We survive from crisis to crisis with the hope that tomorrow everything will be better, because in some inexplicable way we feel that we are given to be happy. We chase happiness on a road that meanders through life, until fate keeps surprising us with something.

I recently stumbled across a post that reminded me that in 2011, experts from the World Health Organization listed love as a mental disorder. As incredible as it sounds, they put her to diseases such as alcoholism and kleptomania. I took the trouble to check: in the WHO disease register, love is recorded under the number F 63.9!

Love feelings attacked melancholics and those prone to depression most painfully. Cholerics, on the other hand, went into a rage at the slightest love problem. Symptoms of love are obsessive thoughts about the other, sudden mood swings, self-esteem issues, self-pity, insomnia, headaches, reckless and impulsive behavior.

Turns out we’re all for a dispensary. But if in this dispensary we still touch happiness, the madness is worth every second.

Far from love, we feel defenseless and unnecessary.

Passion is a must if we want to be strong for challenges. Thoughts about the other may be intrusive, but their destructive power can make us more confident in standing up for love. Yes, she makes us reckless, but out of our deceptive comfort zone, we are ready to do great things – up to one in her name, in her honor.

I pass the rest of the crazy people on the streets of the city and imagine how difficult it is for each of them to love, to stay in love in this never-ending run that we are doomed to, catching up with our little happiness. He who is capable of love is destined sooner or later to experience pleasure. Whoever has been in love cannot pass the beauty of life itself, regardless of the trials it puts us through.

Our community dispensary is the cozy place where we can scream “I love you” as loud as we can. There are no drugs, no procedures to help gravity keep our thoughts and emotions close to the ground. Because while we are in love, we all fly in waking life and in sleep, aiming for the only meaningful covenant goal: to realize that we lived this life, that every moment of it was worth it because it was shared with another.

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