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Local Roots, Global Heights: the Egyptian Brands Making International Waves

In recent years, Egyptian designers have made strides in Egypt’s local brands frontier, with numerous brands dominating the diverse industries—locally and internationally. From Cairo to the world, varying local brands that originated in Egypt have found their place on the shelves of global stores — a testament to the success of homegrown businesses. The growth and expansion of the Egyptian local brands reflects the dynamism of the local market in Egypt — whether in fashion, jewelry, or the food and beverage industries. Here is a list of some of the Egyptian brands that have made it to international markets, malls, markets, and concept stores. Okhtein | Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Baynoire | The Corner Concept Store – Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia Maram Borhan | Dubai, Al Shafar Tower Azza Fahmy | THAT Concept Store, Mall of the Emirates | Fifty-One East, Doha Festival City, Qatar | Fifty-One East, Lagoona Mall, Qatar | Al Ula Popup, Ashar Valley fashion | Bloomingdales, The Dubai Mall | Abdoun, 92, Al-Sweis Street, Amman | Four Seasons Hotel, Shopping Arcade Amman Jude Benhalim | Ounass MYNE | FLTRD, DIFC-GATE Avenue Mall – Zone C,…

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