Interview with a Saitama blockchain Industry Expert Russell Armand

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with a Saitama blockchain industry expert Russell Armand ( about the potential of Bitcoin, regulation, CDCBs, and the use case of their company – writes CEO of CoinReporter Dimitar Yankov

When asked about the potential of Bitcoin, the Saitama expert spoke about its long-term potential and how it paved the way for other cryptocurrencies to take its place. They believe that Bitcoin could potentially become a global digital currency, which is what we all want in a fast-paced society where we need borderless currencies and digital currencies.

On the topic of regulation, Russell Armand stated that if everyone can agree on things, it’ll be regulated just like everything else. Each country will have its own restrictions surrounding it, but the finite line item there is the global currency. They feel that once those parameters are set, it should be smooth sailing.

When asked about the impact of CDCBs on the cryptocurrency market, the expert mentioned that it’s important for growth and very doable, given the already fully functional and operating programs in place around the world.

Regarding their company’s use case, the expert described their ecosystem, which includes a decentralized mobile app, a crypto payment system through their E-payment partnerships with Visa, a fully functional course through their Academy, their metaverse, their real-estate SaitaRealty, a gaming portal, and more. They believe that the more things that can be tokenized, such as real estate, the quicker people will be to accept it as a real thing.

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Overall, it was an informative and insightful conversation with a knowledgeable expert in the blockchain industry.

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