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How Brands Stay Relevant To Build Customer Happiness

Each touchpoint along the customer journey is an opportunity for brands to deliver unique and memorable experiences. Brands need to ‘be right here’ to delight customers with experiences that they’ll remember.

Sephora Beauty Insider program is the perfect example of how rewards and loyalty programs help create moments of delight across the customer journey. By offering members exclusive perks, personalised experiences, and rewards for their behaviour, Sephora builds strong relationships with its customers and encourages them to keep coming back for more. These perks include:

– Free samples of a new product are in the mail before it is even released in stores.

– Invitation to a private shopping event where they can meet their favorite beauty influencers and get exclusive discounts.

– Personalised birthday gifts, such as lipstick in their favorite shade or a gift card for a spa treatment.

– Automatically upgrade them to free shipping on their order, even though they didn’t meet the minimum bucks spent requirement.

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