Greenwich Art Society holds exhibit inspired by COVID stasis

The Greenwich Art Society recently celebrated the opening of a new show in its gallery called “Time in Place,” featuring the work of artist Lina Morielli.

Early in the pandemic, many people spent their time staying in place, and Morielli’s series “Time in Place” is a reflection of the artist’s experience of stasis during COVID-19. 

Morielli began the series in March 2020, creating 250 works — a substantive output of drawings, paintings, monoprints and collages. Curated by Anna Patalano, director of the Greenwich Art Society, “Time in Place” includes a selection of acrylic and gouache paintings from the series.

According to the Greenwich Art Society, the exhibit is “simultaneously a reflection of and a working through of Morielli’s emotional states brought on by the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and the turbulent and polarized U.S. political climate.”

Similar to jazz music, the abstract compositions in “Time and Place” are at once frenetic and structured, according to the art society. 

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