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From Relationships to Self-Development, Here Are 5 Egyptian Podcasts to Keep on Your Radar

From Relationships to Self-Development, Here Are 5 Egyptian Podcasts to Keep on Your Radar

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The past few years saw an undeniable rise in the podcast industry. The popularity of the young medium in Egypt is not only seen among Egyptian audiences, but also through the introduction of Egyptian podcast presenters. Between self-development, parenting, relationships, lifestyle, and business, Egyptian podcast producers have been making our daily commutes a lot less boring, and making getting our chores done a little more bearable.

To celebrate International Podcast Day, here are five highly-recommended Egyptian podcasts that discuss a myriad of topics and cater to a multitude of tastes.

Youssef Sabry Mindset

Hosted by Egyptian entrepreneur Youssef Sabry, this podcast interviews inspiring guests who have made notable accomplishments or overcome challenges to pursue their dreams. Sabry hosted the first Arab woman on Campaign’s 40 under 40 list, Mai Salama, as well as CEO of Somabay Ibrahim Al Mesery, and bodybuilder Big Ramy, among others.

Eh El ‘Elaqa

There are countless podcasts about relationships, but this one is different. Hosted by Omar Samra and Mint, Womena’s newest podcast Eh El ‘Elaqa (What’s the Relationship?) explores the building blocks of a healthy relationship by discussing taboo topics and asking difficult questions. The podcast discusses mental health, gender roles, freedom within relationships, navigating finances, and many other subjects that are not usually discussed in Egyptian society.

Fekra L Bokra

Samar and Doha are sisters, and mothers, who realised that parenting does not come naturally — it needs learning and practice. They created the podcast Fekra L Bokra (An Idea for Tomorrow) to share their motherhood experiences, express different opinions, and hopefully benefit fellow moms. In short and light episodes, the podcast discusses topics like praise and punishment, empathy, and authentic parenting.

The Potcast Show

Like a breath of fresh air, the Potcast Show presents real, unfiltered conversations about different aspects of life. With a plethora of guests, this podcast discusses navigating pain, workplace toxicity, passion, drug addiction and sobriety, accessibility and the differently-abled, and body image.

Kefaya Ba’a

Unlike all the above podcasts, Kefaya Ba’a (Enough is Enough) by Egyptian standup comedian Alaa El Sheikh is a light, sarcastic podcast highlighting Egyptian problems and issues and discusses them without filters. In a comedic tone, El Sheikh portrays the contradictions of Egyptian society and its people.

All podcasts are available on Spotify.

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