Fran Kelly’s Frankly set to debut tonight on ABC

There wasn’t much exciting on the box last night, but Fran Kelly’s new show debuts this evening and could stir some interest.

Fran Kelly's new show Frankly (Image: ABC/Frankly)
Fran Kelly’s new show Frankly (Image: ABC/Frankly)

The Block last night won it for Nine. Foreign Correspondent on the ABC brought in an audience of 492,000 nationally, with Q+A straight after seeing 343,000. The 18 or so non-main channels last night had a total share of 32.7% — anything but the main channels after the 6 to 7.30pm news programs are finished.

Frankly begins tonight at 8.30 pm — the first new talk show in years. Half an hour with Fran Kelly! A delight.

Network channel share:

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