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Operating in Colombia, Mexico, and Chile, Houm is one of the LatAm startups changing how properties are rented or bought. Relying on technology, they make the entire process online, without bureaucracy and adding new features, such as ensuring the rent payment to the owners. “We want to consolidate our position as the largest proptech in Spanish-speaking Latin America,” said Benjamín Labra, its CEO, who answered our questionnaire.


1. What problem does Houm solve?

Houm is a proptech that delivers an end-to-end service to be everyone’s partner at every stage of their real estate cycle. It is a real estate accelerator that allows you to rent, buy, manage and sell properties through a digital technology platform quickly and easily. It comes to democratizing the industry by eliminating paperwork, bureaucracy, and slow processes and embracing the technological, digital, fast, and ecological.


Benjamin Labra, CEO of Houm.


2. How is it different from others that have tried this idea before?

Houm delivers a comprehensive service offering all business verticals in housing: selling, leasing, buying, investing and managing. We make the processes up to 10 times faster thanks to technology and our Houmers that use our own app to provide a more efficient operation. 

3. How sustainable is it?

We are a digital company that does everything 100% online. We have a platform where clients can do everything online, from uploading all their documentation, scheduling visits, having virtual visits, and even signing the contract. We care about the environment, which is why we take care of the planet by eliminating paperwork and notaries to make the processes more efficient and sustainable.

4. What accomplishment of the company are you most proud of?

We are already present in three Latin American countries, fulfilling our purpose that everyone can have access to a home, even those who cannot. For that, we have a program where we donate 1% of our income to different causes aligned to that, keeping in mind our three community values that we reflect in our service: safe, inclusive, and accessible.

5. Tell us a Latin American startup you admire.

Spline (I am an angel investor there). For the founder’s ability and how they are changing the 3D design industry.

Main image: Houm

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