First look at runway India have prepared for Anthony Albanese’s flight into Ahmedabad

Anthony Albanese’s visit to India is already causing controversy after images released late last night showed a dusty runway that is expected to deliver plenty of uneven bounce for the PM’s plane when it lands this morning. “There’s not a lot in there for the captain. It’s going to be tricky to navigate,” one expert said.

Local authorities prepared two separate runways earlier in the week in order to keep the Australian delegation guessing. But images leaked this morning showed the favoured strip – a red, dusty runway that will set the scene for a three-day spin-fest.   

Albanese said he wasn’t going to get into a conversation about airstrip preparation, but confirmed he had added extra spinners to his team for the trip. The trip is planned to run for four days although many commentators predict it will be over by the end of day 1.

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