Ensono delivers cloud economics with engineering resources

Ensono, a technology adviser and managed service provider, has launched Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering, making it easier for enterprises to access a designated team of experts. 

Through Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering, clients can access a wide range of engineering capabilities and cloud specialists, delivering more significant levels of project output and faster realization of business outcomes. It is a new addition under Ensono Flex, which is Ensono’s workload portability program that allows enterprise clients to move between Ensono-managed platforms without penalty. 

This new service extends an organization’s development and engineering efforts, creating a flexible and agile team that delivers agility through continuous automation. This scales up cloud operations and reduces costs, manual tasks and human error. 

It also increases developers’ productivity and improves speed-to-market by identifying and removing bottlenecks to improve development projects’ velocity, quality, and cycle time. 

Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering supports evolving business priorities and engineering capabilities that adapt to the client’s dynamic backlog with the ability to flex hours up or down.

It eliminates months of trial and error by leveraging global DevSecOps expertise to mature development pipelines and processes.

The new service expands Ensono’s portfolio of digital transformation, migration, and 24×7 cloud operations services, available to clients leveraging any of the three major public cloud providers, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, and GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

With Flex Cloud Engineering, clients can accelerate their cloud journey with access to experts in four core capabilities critical in today’s maturing cloud environments, including agile management, cloud platform engineering, DevSecOps and containerization.

Agile helps drive discipline and iterative approaches. Ensono shortens the lifecycle of projects and provides continuous solution delivery. This faster approach also better aligns with changing and evolving business requirements.

Under cloud platform engineering, clients can leverage the technical cloud patterns and practices to design and implement a project that results in new or improved cloud capabilities. 

Under DevSecOps, Ensono modernizes teams into more agile and high-performing ones, with the right capabilities for automation and shift-left security, procedural and policy development, performance measurement systems, and organizational structure.

Containerization includes a wide range of activities software teams need to manage in a container’s lifecycle, including provisioning, deployment, scaling (up and down), networking, load balancing and more.

In summary, with Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering, an organization becomes more capable, agile and flexible to unlock the cloud’s true value.

“Business needs change and organizations struggle to keep pace with the increased demand put on highly skilled resources to enable continuous improvement and digital transformation,” says Duan Van Der Westhuizen, Senior Vice President, Cloud at Ensono. 

“We built Ensono Flex Cloud Engineering to bridge the gap between an organization’s current capabilities and their cloud ambitions. We make it easy for organizations to tap into cloud talent to help achieve their business outcomes faster.”

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