Employees in New Zealand want to work remotely more often

While more employees want to work remotely more often, many cannot do so because of mandated onsite workdays and hesitance from employers.

Yes to remote work, say over half of New Zealand citizens, as a new study was released discussing the internet habits and other internet-related subjects of people in the country.

The report New Zealand’s Internet Insights 2023, commissioned by InternetNZ, a non-profit open organisation that seeks to support the development of New Zealand’s internet through policy, community grants, research and events. Compiled by research firm Verian, the report has revealed that 52% of New Zealand citizens who can work from home remotely wish to do so more frequently.

The research also highlighted that 61%, or nearly three in five New Zealanders, currently have jobs that can be carried out from home, and more than half of them aspire to increase the number of days working from home.

The main challenge that is preventing employees from working remotely more often is due to their employers stipulating days to work on-site. Additional challenges, as shared by the report, include employer perceptions of remote working and the necessity for in-person meetings.

“The internet was the key to many businesses being able to operate during the pandemic through remote working. Unsurprisingly, many people who adjusted to working from home are reluctant to change back.” Vivien Maidaborn, CEO of InternetNZ, opined. “From an employment point of view, we’re just beginning to figure out how to design communications, health and safety, and productivity to make the most of what the internet offers.”

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The report also indicated that employees in New Zealand are also concerned about artificial intelligence (AI), with four out of five employees (85%) understanding AI and its ramifications. Amongst these respondents, less than half (42%) expressed that they were more worried than excited about the increased usage and implementation of AI in the workplace, reported IT Brief NZ.

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