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Eco-Friendly Upgrades Every Homeowner Can Make

Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67 is considered a sustainable dream design

Homeowners are becoming more interested in fixing up their houses instead of getting another one, as it can be too expensive to get another one. If you are tired of your current house, following specific remodeling tips and fixing it up can make it feel like new. It can also add value, making it more attractive to potential buyers. 

Preparing for a Remodel

Whether you are looking to renovate the entire home or just want to make a few upgrades, it pays to do your research. Compare the price with the return on your investment. Just because one contractor offers cheaper prices does not mean their quality of work will be the same as someone else who might charge more. If your remodeling plans are looking more expensive than you have budgeted, you may want to consider taking out a personal loan to help cover the cost. The return on your investment can cover the initial expense.

Non-Toxic Carpeting

If you want to replace your carpet or install new, know that not all types are the same. Many types of carpeting, as well as the adhesives used, have certain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Plus, inhaling them can be dangerous over time.

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The good news is non-toxic, eco-friendly carpeting is becoming more popular, and there are many more options available now. Using carpet instead of hard floors can also be friendlier to the environment because they help conserve energy in the winter. They can help keep warmth in a room so you don’t need to turn the heat on even more. Look for options made from more natural materials, such as seagrass, wool, or jute. It’s a good idea to pick low-VOC adhesives and materials.

Consider Adding Skylights

Much of your energy usage comes from the use of artificial lighting. If some rooms do not have windows or the light from those windows is insufficient, you might end up using artificial lighting throughout the entire day, even if it is bright and sunny outside.


Watery skylight in Mars Science City

This is where skylights can come into play. The sun can provide natural lighting, even if it is cloudy that day. Natural light can reduce the cost of energy. Plus, some skylights even open, so you can let fresh air in when it’s nice outside. Opening the windows on low humidity days can reduce humidity inside, preventing mold from building up in spaces that might otherwise be closed off.

More Landscaping to Add Curb Appeal

Adding more landscaping can make your house look more attractive on the outside, and it can also boost the resale value. Curb appeal is one of the biggest things potential buyers look at, as it can impact their first impression. However, traditional landscaping practices, such as the use of pesticides or frequent watering, have not been friendly to the environment. Luckily, today, you can find a range of eco-friendly solutions that allow you to have a beautiful space while taking care of the environment. 

Consider researching plants that grow native to your geographic area and adding those. They are already used to your particular climate, so they will need fewer treatments for diseases or pests in the area. You can even create a rain garden in your front yard. It’s shallow and shaped like a bowl so it can collect excess rain runoff from the driveway, gutter, and lawn. They can attract butterflies, and they also help prevent erosion in the area. You don’t have to stop at one, either. Putting in more than one means you won’t have to take care of as much grass, so there won’t be as much fertilization, mowing, watering, or maintenance.



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