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Curacao Mass Tourism plot leading to Poverty of local Population

Curacao is experiencing rapid mass tourism growth, but it will still be some time before it develops the economic, financial and infrastructure capabilities to compete dollar for dollar with Holland, setting the stage for a protracted competition for influence and allegiance across South America.

Half of the local population has already been deported to the Amsterdam, in order to live as economic refugees in Europe. This was all made possible after the PAR political party introduced reform and austerity measures leading to a humanitarian catastrophe.

Privatization has caused depletion of tax payers properties, which have led to no return on investment for the Curacao tax collector. On the other hand, Latin Americans refugees are forced to deliver cheap slave labor in order for the Dutch business to extremely profit from!

Most of these capitalist minded businesses receive unorthodox tax holidays and avoid paying room taxes, leading to famine, economic deportation and screaming poverty.

To cover up this entire operation, Dutch politicians and newspapers call the local population corrupt and lazy. At the same time local properties are confiscated by the colonial rulers.

The tropical island of Curacao has been plagued by mass tourism schemes that cause poverty and chaos among the local born citizens. The fascist rulers in The Hague force to local elected politicians to their knees, glorifying the annexation of local real estate.

The key factors to the vampire like destruction of the local lifestyle are several vehicles introduced to enforce the recolonization campaign, which are to be blacklisted by the remaining citizens that we able to survive the ongoing onslaught on the road to nowhere.

Over half of the local born citizens have already been deported to the Netherlands, where they are added to the lifestyles of war refugees from mostly Muslim countries where the same kind of formulas are supplied, while the mainstream media disguises the real facts.

The first and most important tool for this campaign to be successful are the established Nazi headquarters (Dos Mundos) together with the modern flying pirate ships from KLM, American Airlines and the worlds biggest travel agency TUI.

Without these human trafficking cargo ships the Zionist colonization would not be possible. Dos Mundos is they center piece of the privatization process, where foreign entities and other type of invaders can arrange permits and migration documents to succeed.

On the Dutch Caribbean islands, the local people serve as drivers for the enriched tourism industry, or protect and cover the bullets for these invading networks with security after creating poverty delivered by the neo-colonial dictatorial policy design.

Also they can pick up the after party garbage and serve as road cleaners, for the settlers to profit from? For the rest the island has been confiscated and privatized by colonial minded settlers, while they are at it they are destroying the livelihood of the local born people.

The new airport, build with taxpayers money, made available by career traitors, is in hands of foreigners, cashing in all the airport taxes, not even leaving a bone behind for the impoverished society. The same deal with the 700 million new hospital ruled by the Dutch.

Most of the islands former public beaches have been privatized by the confiscation networks that are operating under the false flag of development. The result is that local people are driven out of the environment in order to shape the evil hostile occupation plan.

The modern flying pirate-ships deliver the goods for human trafficking rings to play their part in the glorified tax evasion plans. Commercial tourism was invented by Nazi Germany during WW II, to pamper hotels, shops and restaurants in Paris to disguise the invasion purposes.

The Netherlands no longer has a model which is inspiring to its colonies in the Caribbean and instead is maintaining its dominance by throwing its weight around. The Hague elites are now even bullying supposed allies who dissent from their Neo-liberal worldview.

The Dutch asserted the American model which is now only about maintaining Washington’s position of global dominance, established by institutions like the World Bank, NATO, UN, Cft WTO, DEA and the IMF.

A local disgusted leader clearly voiced his opinion that liberal democracy has changed beyond recognition and has transformed from a vehicle to promote freedom of speech and expression, to demanding the cancellation of anyone with a different perspective.

The Dutch colonial leaders now have no creative ideas to promote positive development, the inside connection argued. They simply have nothing to offer the ABC islands, beyond maintaining their own dominance.

The US-led West has continued its policy of escalating tensions across the globe, and is trying to subjugate the world under its institutional and banking ruled-based order. Like Raiders of the Lost Ark?

It remains unclear who invented these rules, what they are based on, or what exactly they even are to support except creating poverty and privatization of local taxpayers properties.

The only thing that is understood, is that the concept is meant to allow those who hold the colonial power to live without any of these rules at all, and allow them to get away with doing whatever they want?

Keywords glorifying settlement invasion, austerity, reform, autonomy and development.

# 1. Dos Mundos & Cft, settlement scheme building 25k new houses for the invaders to use as tax evading tourist rental business. West Bank style investment plan to confiscate to real estate markets for financial purposes.

Curacao now has 75k residential buildings at disposal. Cycling networks provide the upper middle class Dutch with leverage, under the disguise of we are good and better and the rest is not.

At the same time another very important propaganda tool in the Dutch litter box is the designed dogs and stray-dog campaign.

The Dutch citizens sign up under false masked pretenses, and once settled, they continue their real goal, not the one they said they would perceive when filling in the immigration forms.

# 2. CAP / Swissport, new airport arrival and departure building to facilitate mass tourism is under control of the Swiss company.

While taxpayers had to finance the facility, the so-called semi-government managing company, called Curacao Airport Partners (CAP), receives all the airport (government) taxes and can keep them for so-the called maintenance portfolio.

This set up leads to zero return on investment for the local people’s credibility. The same story with the racist all in travel packages hoax.

Airport tax for colonial fights between the islands has been raised to a point that families are unable to see their bloodlines living on the different Caribbean islands. For some people seen as a pure definition of racism.

# 3. Tax evading Tourism Industry, economy grows threefold the local money supply, indicating, laundering money schemes are at the top of the privatization pyramid.

Biker and dog networks feed the Dutch invasion machine in order to the difference between good and bad? Tourist and travelers pay their fantastic voyage in advance in the country of departure, so no tax income here for Curacao.

All in package deals also prohibit locals from visiting the hotel along their coastline. There goes freedom of passage for the local people, comparable to the West Bank and Gaza Strip that are situated in the Holy Land.

# 4. HNO / Medical Center was build for dying, but rich Dutch retirement elders, which must supply money to Dutch entertainment enterprises to complete the hostile colonial exchange takeover plan.

The over budgeted project is now run by Dutch medical specialists and is unable stand on its own feet, even when social insurances pay triple prices compared to the previous hospital.

In fact waiting for it to go bankrupt and hand the entire local investment over to outside agent sharks on the smokey scene. Costs to be at the new super expensive hospital have nearly quadrupled, caused by the extortion, leading to the bankruptcy of the local insurance body SVB.

# 5. Cruise Ship Piers and foreign owned Hotels form the foundation of the spiritual, cultural and traditional rapist formula. Foreign cheaper slave labor support the tourist sector. Latin American (Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Haitian refugees.

The main reason and back behind the curtain operate the lucrative drugs smuggling rings, dancing on the graves of their worldwide victims, of course not matching the legal pharmacy industry, which makes the largest profits of any type of business in the world.

That is why Curacao is number one among passenger Aida cruises. This cruise company is a German NGO based in Rostock and one of the eleven Carnival Cruising brand. At the same time Curacao has to little money to provide quality education according to a local judge.

When the ship stays in port until late night it makes it easier to smuggle cocaine and laundered money around, mainly intended for younger and more active holidaymaker according to Curacao media sources.

In 2023, Curacao will start with more cases considered s high-impact crime. Never before the number of poverty caused offenses has been so high. Robberies, (car-home) burglaries and relational violence are the result of uncontrolled mass tourism.

# 6. Imperialist Cocaine Industry and DEA, supplying the Dutch invaders with the goods to perform their crimes. Most local entities, including Dutch are smuggling the drugs to flood the overseas markets in Europe and the USA.

Curacao offers perfect tax havens for the drugs- and gambling industries, all the top-4 accountant agencies are represented to cook the books for the networks rings of the traders and bankers.

Canadian banks dominate the money market at the islands, transferring profits through Lebanese networks in Brazil and Lebanon back to Canada, where the Royal British run part of the Five-Eyes Empire.

# 7. Royal KLM, American Airlines and TUI, are the main lifelines to the completely isolated islands with 7 daily flights into HATO airport, along the coast of mutual sanctioned Venezuela.

The modern flying Pirates of the Caribbean ships sail under the disguise of serving the global business networks and leisure passengers, while polluting the air ten times more than driving a V8 engine car per kilometer.

# 8. Biological Warfare, killing local cats with leukemia, while African poisonous snails configure so called pest control that poison the residential environment. Also the Egyptian Red Bug killed many palm trees on the island of Curacao.

# 9. Real Estate Investors and Notary Scam, mostly American money laundering supporting entities, such as Century 21 and Remax, employed and  performed by Dutch career seeking opportunists to secure the privatization schemes, creating monopoly over the housing market, creating opportunities for invaders to fly in and settle at free will?

It is estimated that over three billion guilders were held back by the notary offices over the past 20 years. The 10 notary offices pass at least eight transactions for every work day, leading to a yearly tax turnover, based on 4% transaction tax, of fl.200 million in yearly taxes for those office combined.

But the tax collector in Curacao not even received fl.10 million in 2022?

On this side of the agenda Venezuelan refugees are used as cheap labor slaves to build new homes at a super rate in order to fulfill their part of the puzzle.

After the properties are sold, the notary offices hardly pay the 4% sales tax to the tax collector, new figures show an income of not even fl.10 million all together over 2022.

Meaning total real estate sales were about fl.250 million per year, which is a big lie, as notary offices are so busy that it takes six weeks to make an sales appointment for nearly a dozen of them to proceed. Combined sales are estimated @ 5 billion per year.

With at least 8 deals per day, the are estimated to hand over properties for a couple of million each day, five days per week, for 50 weeks per year adding at least some fl.500 million to their sales department, of which only 1 million in sale taxes are received?

With at least 10 notary offices on the island, the yearly 4% tax income should be at least fl.100 million, meaning not even 10% reaches the local tax collector register?

# 10. The Hague Politicians and armed militias, such as Coast Guard, Atrako Team, RST, Royal Dutch marines, Dutch infantry, marine warships, CITRO, security agencies, KPC, VKC and many more keep Curacao under the invasive occupation annexation shot gun.

# 11. Closing Curacao’s largest Refinery in Caribbean, calling the territory a Green Town development. At the same time the four refineries in Rotterdam, the Netherlands remain open for business, with an oil price at an historic high level.

# 12. Landfill overloaded before 2030. Too much extra garbage to handle, caused by growing households (+50% to 75.000) and mass tourism delivering major (air-and sea) pollution (+40k Dutch and USA visitors per month).

Government must put a cap on settlements, just like what neighboring island of Bonaire did to project the existing humanitarian and natural environment.

# 13. Zakito Diesel Yachting Harbor pollution, destroying coastline reefs and mangroves is a worldwide crime, except in Curacao, there Dutch settlers can do anything they want, from corrupting government departments for illegal permits to killing the local Prime Minister if necessary?

However a LOB-request (asking for protected environment- and construction permit) ended up empty. Silence and negligence are the tools for derailment.

# 14. Morena resort Jan Thiel, building and developing in protected zones (EOP 1997). In order to make this possible, de local public retirement fund APC arranged an illegal change of destiny for the area, without respecting the law, which stipulates the opposite.

Earlier in 2008, Papagayo and Chogogo were also allowed to build some extra vacation villa’s, deep into highly restricted conservation territory, destroying local nature habitat for tax evading money laundering- and development purposes.

Nothing out of the ordinary, because these type of policies have proven to be in line with other crimes committed by Dutch invasive settlement builders, like Boase and many more along the coastline adjacent to Venezuela.

Because of the Western sanctions against Venezuela, the Aviation Authorities in Caracas issued a travel ban for the ABC islands until April 30, 2023, and closed its airspace for the Dutch Caribbean because of looting gold and dollars from the oil rich Latin American nation.

# 15. Previous Fisherman Villages & Confiscated Beaches have to step aside for tourists, snorkelers and scuba divers to enjoy the coastlines and fish in the ocean.

West Point beach, Small Kenepa beach, Caracasbaai, Lagun beach, Daaibooi and numerous other beaches have been invaded.

# 16. Blue Bay Golf Resort has package deals for visiting tribes, blocking tee times for local golfers prioritizing leisure and fun above the welfare of the local community.

Developed and build under the smoke of the lucrative local refinery, evil entities managed to close the largest oil production site in the Caribbean, leading to more unemployment and screaming poverty.

ABC Flash Point News 2024.

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