CPAC says it’s being held at Luna Park. The venue says otherwise

The organisers of conservative Coachella have yet to address the issue in the media, but sent out an email today about “CPAC BEING ATTACKED BY CANCEL CULTURE”.

A Facebook advertisement for CPAC featuring Luna Park (Image: Facebook/CPAC Australia)

The organisers of Australia’s annual right-wing conference CPAC have quietly removed references to Luna Park from their website after originally claiming that the iconic Sydney venue was hosting the event.

After taking a hiatus, the conservative Coachella was scheduled to return in October, featuring a line-up of speakers from the international MAGA speaker circuit and even a surprise guest (whose identity, Crikey previously reported, was likely accidentally revealed by their website).

Organisers promoted the conference at the “Family Friendly Luna Park” on their Facebook, Twitter and website, even featuring the venue’s famous smiling face entrance in their Facebook advertising.

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