Conference on economics of perfumery on Nov 7

Muscat – The French Embassy in Oman, in collaboration with the Omani French Friendship Association, will hold an economic conference on the perfume and luxury industry on November 7.

The conference is part of the cultural programmes accompanying the ‘Fragrant Journeys’ exhibition, which is a collaboration between the National Museum of Oman and the Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon who have agreed to showcase a selection of perfume related artefacts.

The ‘Fragrant Journeys’ exhibition started on October 17, 2022, and will run till May 7, 2023, at Bayt Greiza located in the National Museum district in Muscat.

The conference will be hosted in the National Museum Lecture Hall, under the auspices of Sayyid Khalid bin Hamad al Busaidi, Chairman of SABCO Group.

The topic to be addressed – The Perfumery industry: Exploring new frontiers – will bring together the most prestigious perfume brands from Oman and France.

Fragrance creators and experts, including Marco Parsiegla, CEO, and Renaud Salmon, Chief Experience Officer of Amouage, Quentin Bisch, a French perfumer working with Givaudan, and Patricia Mourier, Area Manager of Hermès, will share their experiences and speak about new market trends, highlighting the link between the culture, luxury and prestige of perfume in France and Oman in a two-hour panel discussion (9am to 11am) moderated by Charm Majolica, TV and radio host in Oman (@thecharmlifestyle).

The cultural programmes related to the exhibition at Bayt Greiza will be run by the French Embassy in Oman for the next five months.

The Omani French Friendship Association aims to strengthen bilateral relations between Omani and French communities.

For more information on the economic conference on November 7, email [email protected]

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