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Come Tour Hilton’s Conrad Tulum in the Riviera Maya

Conrad Tulum has 1 thing wrong with it and about 99 things right about it, so we’re going to say this new beachfront resort in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico comes out on top overall. It’s a bold and impressive design resort that wows you with four large swimming pools, a beach in a bay it has to itself (except for a sister Hilton), and restaurants that look as good as they taste.

What’s the one thing wrong with it? The name itself, which is more than a little misleading. If you head to Tulum expecting to find any property with Conrad on the sign, you’re going to be lost for days. You’ll have to drive a half-hour north from the ruins or the beach to find this resort. It’s actually just around a bend from Akumal and you can reach that area in about five minutes by car or boat. Apparently the marketing people didn’t think that putting “Akumal” or “Riviera Maya” after the Conrad name was catchy enough.

With that out of the way, come take a tour of what you’ll experience if you stay at this fine luxury beach resort in Mexico:


In a region of the world that’s full of resorts trying to outdo one another, this one stands out for its ambitious design. Nothing was done halfway here and from the moment you step into the lobby you see that the architects and designers got to really explore their creativity. It opened with a splash in the first quarter of 2022.

Each of the restaurants is a visual standout, though the sushi one is a bit understated in keeping with the norms of the cuisine. They want what’s on your plate to shine instead. The others are playful and inviting, however, while creating great backdrops for your vacation photos. Here’s the Mediterranean spot that’s full of natural materials.

Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya review

To get to the pan-Asian restaurant Kengai, you go down a twisting tunnel made of bamboo and then order items from Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand or sit at the teppanyaki bar and watch the chef prepare your meal. You can see the tunnel in that video above. You can also choose from a high-end Mexican spot, two lunch restaurants, and a breakfast buffet restaurant that goes well beyond the norm.

There are hammocks strung  up at the beach, hanging chairs that spin at two of the restaurants, and comfortable lounge chairs at the beach and by the multiple pools. One of the pools is right by the room blocks if you don’t feel like walking to the three close to the lobby and beach. It has a restaurant too so you can have lunch or drinks there.

hammock sitting areas Riviera Maya Conrad

Throughout the property are artistic sitting areas that seem designed for Instagram posers, including in the huge spa that’s shared with the Hilton. There’s also a terrific gym to keep you looking good in those photos and they have yoga and spinning classes. Throw in a coffee shop, a tour desk, and a boutique and you can get most anything you need here on site.

Rooms at the Conrad Tulum are spacious and pampering and for once on this coast of Mexico, aren’t filled with plastic. There are filtered water refilling stations scattered around–the kind you see in airports–and the water supplied with the tea and coffee makers in the rooms is in glass bottles. The resort also has its own garden where many of the herbs for the spa are grown.

See more photos and our detailed review of Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya Resort. Make a booking with Hilton here.

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Timothy Scott is the founder and editor of Luxury Latin America and has been covering the region as a travel journalist since the mid-2000s. He has visited each country we cover multiple times and is based in a UNESCO World Heritage city in central Mexico, where he owns a home. See contact information here.

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