CAMEROUN: Paul Biya’s Sodom and Gomorrah

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Prince Ojong Story:
My name is Prince Ojong. I am an immigrant from West Africa. When I was five years old, I had a dream. My dream was to come to America and learn the magical secrets of the USA’s greatness and exceptionalism for the betterment of Africa. After spending over thirty years in America, I have learned the success secrets of artificers such as America’s pilgrim fathers and pioneers. Would you like to read the Master’s thesis I had written on “The Use of America’s Pioneer Past?”

Indeed, I am ready to share these success secrets with the new generation of Africans. In fact, this is why I created a Youtube channel, and that is why I joined Patreon. If you love to make Africa great again, please, join my cause, which is right and just. Call me at 240-350-1131. I would like to thank all my subscribers, advertisers, and patrons.


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Video Vignette:
This video is a referendum on Paul Biya, the Roman Catholic seminarian who became a failed president of an African country: Cameroon. Paul Biya became the president of the United Republic of Cameroon in 1982, after serving President Ahmadou Ahidjo as a technocrat from 1962. The Cameroonian masses had welcomed Paul Biya’s rise to power as the call of destiny; unfortunately, the honeymoon was very brief; Paul Biya morphed into a despicable dictator. What has he achieved since 1982? He has brought untold misery to his people.

Africa is the richest continent on planet earth. It is paradoxical to observe its people are the poorest. The cause of African poverty is the fault of a strong breed called despicable dictators, who have hijacked the government machinery. As a result, these dictators loot the resources of the motherland. In addition, these dictators kill people for their own sport. The protests of activists have been drawing much attention to these evil men of Africa. In the civilized world, there is the correlation between crime and punishment; like the Nuremburg Trials, ICC has to punish African dictators. Yet, international institutions, such as ICC, are controversial. Are these bodies the wheel of justice or institution of racism? Watch our video.

Please watch: “Ambazonia Alert: Dying Paul Biya Makes America and Russia Fight War”



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