Brussels Morning is under attack from the Russian state

Belgium, (Brussels Morning Newspaper) Brussels Morning website and emails have been subject to cyberattacks from Russia for the past 5 days. Brussels Morning assures with certainty that the attack comes directly from Russia. Brussels Morning team was able to counter such attacks and protect the website and its asset. It is very likely that attacks of similar or greater intensity will continue in the coming days.

Brussels Morning assessed the nature, extent, and impact of the incident and implemented its response plans, including studying and appointing external specialists to investigate the breach. Brussels Morning confirms that they will continue to monitor the situation carefully and stand ready to take further steps were necessary to prevent future attacks.

Such cyber-attacks have become commonplace since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Their frequency and intensity have increased further in the past few months.

Brussels Morning editorial team condemns the Russian attack and calls for accountability to hold those responsible. Brussels morning will continue its coverage on Ukraine and will ensure exposure of all Russian war crimes. Brussels morning vow to continue coverage in Ukraine and call European Union and Parliament to safeguard journalism and journalists.

Such destabilizing and irresponsible behavior seeking to threaten Press’ integrity, values, and principles is unacceptable.

Brussels Morning will lodge an official complaint to the UN human rights council and will ensure that its journalists and teams are protected.

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