The rise of performance politics in Indonesia?

Why is it that in the past few years Indonesia’s democratic scores have fallen while public satisfaction with government performance remains high? Based on the Economist’s Democracy Index Report for 2022, Indonesia received the same score as in 2021, at 6.71 points out of 10, but its ranking fell from 52 to 54 out of […]

Must read: Inside Australian Online Shopping 2023

Inside Australian Online Shopping 2023 was released yesterday by Australia Post. It is a must read report for any retailer. It is packed with data and insights relevant to all readers, including small business retailers. There is one key data point that should focus the attention though: How much revenue in your business comes from […]
Latin America

8 Epic Routes to Explore

South America is a vast continent with long routes to traverse, so there’s no shortage of choices for a long South America road trip you can take. Some of the most rugged require a four-wheel drive vehicle though. The Pan-American Highway is long, but congested and ugly in a lot of stretches. Plus you know […]

Sierra Leone Goes to Presidential Polls

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