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Citizen journalism and the Ukraine war

Citizen journalism on the Ukraine invasion via YouTube is filling a much-needed gap to inform young people, reports Chris Hall.  THE WAR IN Ukraine has been widely reported in media and endlessly discussed on social media. The large amount of attention the war has received is not surprising, as Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe […]

GTA 6 Release Date, Rumours, Map, Latest news

The highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) has been the subject of endless speculation and rumors. While Rockstar Games remains tight-lipped about the details, fans eagerly await any news or updates about the next installment in the wildly popular franchise. This comprehensive guide compiles all the latest rumors, theories, and potential details about […]

Ethiopia: Touting the Horn of Africa

Our mission is to motivate, train, inform, and lead a new power generation of pioneers, fit individuals, the strong breed, to change Africa politically, socially, and economically. Ethiopia: Touting the Horn of Africa Nigeria: President Buhari’s Chain of Broken Election Promises Cameroon: A House on Fire Support Prince Ojong’s dream of a free, peaceful, united,