Assault on Voice to Parliament is part of a global war on empathy

Around the Western world, the right is fighting to strip society of empathy.

Former Liberal prime minister John Howard
Former Liberal prime minister John Howard (Image: AAP/Jane Dempster)

If you think Australia’s copycat culture war against the Voice to Parliament — with all its fake news and casual racism — is as bad as it gets, then just wait. It looks set to be just another step in the global right’s war on empathy.

It’s no longer enough to say “no” to social change. Now, the culture warriors on the right, here and abroad, are demanding something far more insidious: that we stop caring.

It’s already shaping the No campaign. The Uluru Statement from the Heart calls all Australians to “walk together” based on an empathetic understanding of the “torment of [First Nations’] powerlessness”, and the conservative right responds: “Nah, don’t wanna. Can’t make me.”

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