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Are Marketers Driven by the GenAI Gold Rush?Martechvibe

In a move to derive valuable insights from their customers’ data, marketers will need to incorporate low-code, scalable AI-powered technologies, which eliminate data silos between platforms and teams. As a repercussion, these innovations will foster hyper-personalised customer engagements without impacting organisations’ operational efficiency. 

Krishna Baidya, Sr. director of information and communication technologies at Frost & Sullivan, shared, “Advancements in genAI can be harnessed to significantly enhance conversational commerce solutions, empowering ecommerce marketers and online retailers to seamlessly connect with potential customers while delivering a personalised experience.” 

“Infusing genAI with the knowledge base, brands can respond to queries and streamline customer support, ensuring efficient and reliable self-service options during conversations. Adding AI-powered assistance in live chat interactions will boost agent productivity and communication effectiveness,” she added. 

Vonage introduced genAI-driven enhancements, such as marketing template content generator, live chat assistance, and intuitive knowledge base inquiries to its conversational commerce solution. 

Consequently, this approach is making an impact on customer interactions across various touchpoints for modern enterprises, benefiting agent, marketing, and customer support teams alike. Besides enhancing the acquisition of valuable customer data, it’s optimising operational efficiency through automation.

In another scenario, ADA, a provider of digital and data-driven business transformation services across Asia, launched a suite of AI CoPilots to redefine enterprise marketing and commerce functions. Its AI CoPilots encompasses four strategically devised tools, including full-funnel marketing, ecommerce, conversational AI, customer segmentation. Each CoPilot unifies disparate information streams, dismantling the silos between different platforms and business units.

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