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Arch, a Platform for Passive Investment in Crypto, Raised US$5 Million

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Arch, a cryptocurrency and digital asset manager with roots in Chile, Argentina, and the US, announced a US$5 million seed round. Digital Currency Group and Upload Ventures (SoftBank’s fund for early-stage startups in LatAm) led the round and Soma Capital, GBV, Techstars, Devlabs, Ripio Ventures, and Platanus Ventures, in addition to angel investors, also participated. 

The company announced that the capital will be used to refine the platform’s development, connect with key players in the passive investment market and attract new people interested in decentralized finance investments.

Diego Larraín (CTO), Nicolás Jaramillo (COO) and Christopher Storaker (CEO), founders of Arch. (Photo: Arch)


Unlike active investing, which focuses on individual securities and relies on short-term fluctuations, the passive strategy bets on diversified asset packages and is intended for the medium and long term. 

Arch brings crypto into this arena, offering different baskets of assets. For instance, they offer to invest in their “Chain” token, made up of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Matic. Or they have the “Arch Moderate Portfolio” for moderate risk, which combines their risky tokens with stablecoins. 

To invest in their baskets, you need to connect to one of these crypto wallets: Metamask, Coinbase, or Wallet Connect.

Upload Ventures Managing Partner Norberto Giangrande said in a statement that Arch can “redefine how investors build their Web3 portfolios” and that “the company is led by some of the brightest crypto minds in LatAm.”

DCG’s Tim Khoury expressed that they are delighted to support Arch, whose blockchain indexes “fill a clear gap in the market and allow anyone to access crypto factors in a decentralized way.”

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