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QUESTION: Would you please provide the mailing addresses for the national Republican, Democratic and Libertarian parties?

ANSWER: Here you go: 

Republican National Committee; 310 First Street SE, Washington, D.C..;

Democratic National Committee; 430 S. Capitol St. SE; Washington, DC 20003; and

Libertarian National Committee; 1444 Duke St.; Alexandria, VA 22314-3403

Q: Several months ago there was an article in the paper that said the recycling center between Longview and Kilgore was sending their recycled material to the landfill, because there was not a commercial market for their products, their recycled material. We’ve been checking with them and the recycling center is saying that, no their materials were being sold for recycling purposes. Can you clarify that for us?

A: Hmmm….. you seem to have missed something, and possibly mixed up a couple of stories.

Sometimes, Rivers Recycling, the company that receives and processes Longview’s recyclables, closes for maintenance, for instance. In February, we published an article about a four-week closure at Rivers Recycling. An announcement from the city said, “Residents are encouraged to continue to place recyclables in recycling carts during this time … however, all collected material during the closure will be taken to the landfill. If residents wish to ensure recyclables are not taken to the landfill, the city recommends they rinse recyclable food and beverage containers to minimize odors and vector-attracting residues and hold back the material until Rivers Recycling resumes operations.”

In November, Answer Line addressed a question about how much of our recyclables are processed for use further down the stream. That answer is about 1,000 tons of the 1,200 tons of materials the company receives each month are sent to companies who then process and use those recyclables.

Q: I heard Gap Inc. had laid off some employees at the e-commerce processing center in Longview. Is that true?

A: While I haven’t been able to get some kind of official response from Gap, here’s what I do know: The company told us it would be hiring some seasonal employees leading up to the holidays. At some point there’s no longer a need for seasonal employees unless they happened to get hired on permanently.

I do know that if something like that happened it did not trigger requirements for the company to tell the state it was planning a mass layoff. (You can check Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act notices online, and Gap is not listed there.)

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