Africa: Angolan Foreign Affairs Minister Meets Representative of the Oif At the AU

Luanda — The use of the French language and the promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity in Angola were the basis of the conversation held Monday, between the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Téte António, and the representative of the International Organization of Francophonie ( OIF) with the African Union, Nefertiti Tshibanda.

According to a note from the institution to which ANGOP had access, at the meeting, the entities also addressed issues concerning the broad influence of the French-speaking community in member countries of the African Union, with particular emphasis on Angola.

On the occasion, the current challenges, opportunities and real interests in the issue of teaching the French language in Angola were also highlighted, as well as the sharing of the different cultural manifestations of Francophony within Angolan territory.

Nefertiti Tshibanda and minister Téte António also talked about the present and future challenges of the International Organization of Francophonie (OIF) in Angola, as well as the mutually advantageous gains in this cooperation with the Angolan State.

This month Francophonie is celebrated, so this work meeting also served as a platform to highlight the importance of the aforementioned intergovernmental organization, with regard to promoting and intensifying cultural cooperation between members of the Francophone community, as well as solidarity and connection between them through dialogue.

OIF is an international organization that brings together countries whose French language is official or has a privileged status. The aforementioned organization was founded on March 20, 1970. SC/TED/DOJ

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