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A New Kind of Huatulco Real Estate: ALMA Residences

Not all Mexican beach resort areas are created the same, even the ones planned out and implemented by the Mexican government. Wildly successful Cancun went all the way on the mass tourism route. Green and natural Huatulco is a different story, so it demands a different kind of development. That is exemplified by the newest luxury living project taking shape: ALMA Huatulco.

Alma residences Huatulco from the sea

The pics and videos here are renderings, but the region has a great track record of completing what has been started and the environmentally focused master development plan means that projects passing the approval process have gotten through the hard part already. Some of the units at ALMA Residences are already sold and the project is moving forward from plans to reality.

We recently posted a new article on luxury real estate in Huatulco, which you can go read to get a feel for the overall market. There are two key takeaways from that article with quotes from local agents. First, prices are quite reasonable in this area, especially compared to high-flying spots like Los Cabos, Punta Mita, and Playa del Carmen.

Second, this is not a beach resort town with wall-to-wall high-rise developments that have plowed down nature and pushed it to the margins. Much of the land in and around the Bahias de Huatulco is national park land or protected forest, plus restrictions limit the height and density of anything new that is approved. There are nine bays here, some of them completely natural, and this is the only beach area with an airport where I’ve seen more empty beaches than ones with a crowd. Then if you get in a boat you can land in places that are even quieter.

Take a look at this video to get an idea of what Huatulco is like and what’s coming from ALMA:


Blending Into the Huatulco Landscape

This development doesn’t look like anything else I’ve ever seen and the modern Mexican architecture is designed to minimize its impact. Low-slung extended roofs allow shade and a cross-breeze to keep cooling costs down and all the units are surrounded by endemic trees and plants. Green roofs with native plants and flowers also cut down on the heat, while also meaning that when owners look down from an infinity pool, they seen greenery, not concrete.

As you can see from the shot at the top, the whole complex of 36 villas and 10 condos blends in well with the landscape. Those looking up from Organo Beach or Violin Beach nearby will see a green forest, not a huge scar on the landscape. “No building will be taller than the trees around it,” says Frederic Baron, co-founder and partner.

Alma Huatulco living room

Bedrooms have air conditioning that will probably mostly be used at night, while common areas are open to the ample breeze and the sounds of nature. It’s all designed with clean lines and open areas to enjoy the surroundings and the ocean views.

While this may seem like some isolated hillside project a long way from anything, it will only take residents five or ten minutes to get to a grocery store, restaurants, and the busiest area of town. “Busiest” is a relative term in Huatulco, however, where traffic is almost non-existent. A six-mile lane for running and biking is by the main road passing the entrance to ALMA. This low-density housing area has a natural buffer around it, however: national park land that will never be cleared and sold off.

Amenities for Living Well

While it would be tempting to spend all day enjoying the panoramic views and comfortable living spaces in these units, ALMA’s plans also include plenty of places for the community to share spaces together. A full gym will have all the latest equipment and owners can relax afterwards in a sauna with a cold plunge pool or in the Jacuzzi. They can also make massage appointments in the spa.

While many units have their own pools, there will be two larger ones for residents, one of 33 meters and one of 25 meters, both with lounge areas on a deck.

Huatulco luxury housing development

Solar panels cover the main parking area off the road to power the public areas. A concierge desk serves the residents’ needs and a shuttle service can arrange rides for those who aren’t keeping a car on site.

For More Information on ALMA

Prices at ALMA are in Mexican pesos, but when converted to dollars at a rate of 17, units range in price from $895,000 for a spacious condo to $1.7 million for a 4-bedroom villa.

To read more about the development, follow this link to the official ALMA website. You can read more about the master plan here and see the view from any point on the interactive map. To discuss sales terms, contact Valerie at Resort Real Estate.

Article by Luxury Latin America editor Timothy Scott. Photos and video ©ALMA/Esencia Desarrollos.

Article by Timothy

Timothy Scott is the founder and editor of Luxury Latin America and has been covering the region as a travel journalist since the mid-2000s. He has visited each country we cover multiple times and is based in a UNESCO World Heritage city in central Mexico, where he owns a home. See contact information here.

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