A card could be the best gift for a teacher

Teachers I know joke about the gifts they receive. There’s the cupboard of mugs that say Best Teacher, the apple themed dust collectors and plenty more. Many of the teacher-specific gifts pitched by suppliers are not gifts teachers like.

Teachers I talk to tell me the gift they love above everything else is the card with a note of appreciation and maybe some words about the difference they have made in a young life. One teacher told me this week they keep all the cards they receive and it’s something they love to do – looking back on the cards received over the years.

This is one of the reasons we pitch teacher cards early and consistently. We encourage our customers to share wonderful words teachers will cherish into the future.

You’re unlikely to find teacher cards in supermarket ranges of Christmas cards. It’s a caption of difference for us, something worth pitching.

If we want to grow card sales, shining a light on captions of difference matters.

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